Why I couldn’t be a ‘Fashion Blogger’

Hello and Welcome back… or Welcome if you are new around here.

If you follow me on my Twitter and Instagram accounts you are probably questioning my click bate title… because you know I regularly post my outfits. You also know this year and more recently I am aiming to introduce more fashion and beauty content to my blog.

And if in fact you don’t know me but are intrigued as to why I couldn’t take such title… then obviously, keep reading.

todaytomorrowforeverella fashion blogger

Now there are a few reasons that I couldn’t be a ‘Fashion Blogger’ or at least the usual type of ‘Fashion Blogger’, however, it is mostly because of one fundamental reason.

I am a devote SALE shopper.

You may now be wondering why this is an issue. This is the thing, around 85-90% of the clothing I own has been purchased in the sale. This inadvertently means that if it is available for you to buy, it is only in store, or in 2 sizes, both of which probably are not your size. (Because that always seems to be the way the cookie crumbles.)

Many fashion bloggers post there latest outfits and especially those who do youtube too, and do video hauls, they feature recent purchases and full price items. I, in fact, do the exact opposite and wear a collection of old and new pieces. The likelihood is, all were bought in some sort of sale. And now, what is the point in me discussing and advertising my outfit if all of the items are no longer available. I am struggling to possess an answer to such a question.

I wear children’s clothes.

(..only sometimes)

A slightly smaller stumbling block than the latter on my journey to realising I couldn’t be a fashion blogger is that I do indeed buy and wear children’s clothing. All my life I have been small and a consequence of this is that I have never surpassed kids sizing. I have worked my way into fitting into womenswear, however, for those who aren’t aware there is a crossover.

todaytomorrowforeverella fashion blogger

Now you may be questioning again why this matters, and it doesn’t matter as much, but it does matter…

I write my content for it to be beneficial for you, or in some way interesting. Me discussing clothes that will not fit 95% of my readership is neither beneficial for you, or in any way interesting. Beneficial for me maybe, considering children’s clothes do not include VAT but that is in no way increasing such clothing items interest value.


Now I am wrapping this post up with the final and very obvious reason, that is money. I do not have the money to regularly purchase clothes and feature them on my blog. I do regularly buy clothes but in small handfuls. It taking around three months to create a collection of purchases big enough to post about.

So… here is the thing, I could be a Fashion Blogger, unlike the title of this post suggested, but it would either be largely directed at style to save your frustration at my regular updates of amazing items you cannot buy… or frustrating.

today tomorrow forever Ella fashion blogger

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  1. 23/01/2019 / 18:35

    I am literally with you 100%. I always buy in the sale, I literally never buy full price items, even if I love something. I literally wait for a sale and play the dangerous game of “will it go into the sale, and will they still have my size?” (probably not). I also fit childrens clothing too, I am 5ft so unless you want a childrens clothing haul, I couldn’t be a fashion blogger either! I also never stay up to date on trends ahah!! That being said, I would love to see some fashion posts because your fashion sense is beautiful and so different to mine! Love you Ella! xx


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