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Why I blog?


I haven’t written a blog post for over a week as I have been posting pre-written content. Usually, I am never in need of sitting down and writing because I tend to pick up the laptop and begin typing 3 hours prior to it being an imminent task for me to take on. However, it is currently 1 am and my post will publish in 8 hours. And this is what I have got. I have just planned April’s content and noted May’s and even started working on research for impending months posts. Yet this Wednesday morning I just don’t quite know what I want to write, type, say.

So, as the clock keeps ticking I have settled upon WHY I BLOG. pexels-photo-459688.jpeg

I have answered this question briefly in my blogger award posts If I am remembering correctly, but it cannot be answered in a few short sentences.

I started my blog in December 2017, and I guess at that very moment I started my blog because it seemed like something to do and something that might help. I am sure everybody has heard thousands of times just as I have how much talking, writing and just expressing and opening up helps and aids recovery, and general mental health. So I took the advice. My blog was just this for a few weeks and acted as something to pass time and fill my days with as I created social media platforms and emails for it and convinced myself I was ‘pro’.

Then something changed, my blog became more than what it started, as it became what it is now, and I became who I am now.

So why I started blogging isn’t why I blog, it is a part of it, yes, but why I blog is so much more.

In just over 3 months blogging has become more than an outlet and place of expression, it has become a part of me. My blog is my home, some days it is where my entire self-exists. When I escape to my screen and type away my mind’s ramblings, when I hide under my quilt and search for a way to forget life exists, when I feel myself falling and redirect myself through words, my blog saves me.

Every day my blog reminds me of how wonderful life is, how cruel the world is and how powerful I am.

I blog to fight, to fight for the 84 men who commit suicide in the UK each week (Check out #project84 if you haven’t already!), to fight for every lost soul. I have been suffering from chronic, crippling, debilitating levels of anxiety for around a year. And I have decided that advocating mental health awareness, suicide awareness, men’s mental health and everything else in between is how I want to spend the rest of my life. I want to spend my life fighting for a cause that should have never been neglected and should never have been stigmatised by society. My blog has done that, blogging has given me a voice that reaches so many people, and each day my voice grows as my blog expands. – Share, comment, like, retweet, follow … Grow my family – grow our family.

4bb5d0b99a666126b3e9bee48c647378I blog to remind sufferers of mental health conditions from Anxiety to Seasonal Affective Disorder that tomorrow does exist. And that I am walking beside everyone who wants me to as they take each small step towards tomorrow. I haven’t reached my tomorrow yet I am still walking the path but no matter how long it takes, each day I am proud of myself for moving forward and taking that step. Remind yourself that, and your loved ones, and the strangers you meet on your journey.

I blog because I love it.

I blog because I felt lost, I felt like my world had fallen into 1000 pieces and I thought nobody could put Humpty Dumpty back together again. But I am not an egg, I am human, and part of being human is learning that we are never lost we are simply living a different life than we convinced our mind must be ahead of us. Blogging like I said has become a feeling of being home, but that is also a result of the blogging community. I have met so many wonderful people and made friends who I know will be there on my hardest days to remind me that tomorrow exists. When all I thought I was has gone, blogging reminded me that all I am is all I think I am.

I blog because it reminds me each day that I am enough, worth-it, strong, powerful and making a difference.

I blog because…

I could go on forever, the list feels endless, fellow bloggers please comment, why do you blog?…

I started this post 34 minutes ago and I have never considered all the reasons I blog before but now I have; I have realised something. Blogging has changed my life.

I hope more late night ramblings from me have been bearable for you all to read.

Today Tomorrow Forever


“Blogs are whatever we make them. Defining ‘Blog’ is a fool’s errand.”



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