What is your why?

After listening to a radio show and hearing a caller perpetually ask, ‘what is your why?’. It stayed with me. Since then this blog post has been sat in my drafts and it hasn’t felt the right post.

Yet with the new year approaching, I feel it is easy to question your why as we all evaluate what has been and gone and what the future has to hold.

With a blog promoting a tagline of Aren’t we all simply searching for purpose, admittedly what is your why, is a question I frequently have asked myself.

So I googled – what is your why?

A solution to 99% of problems today being found with such a simple process.

This text –

“Deciding how you want to measure your life means making a stand for something and then living your life in alignment with it. Ultimately, living with purpose means focusing on things that matter most. … No matter what your job, you can draw meaning from it and find greater purpose through how you do what you do.

This YouTube clip –

…and … hundreds of images and a handful of blogs.

Then I thought for a short while, then I wrote my post:

My answer, to my why.

I have two polar opposite views on purpose one I choose to promote and aspire to and another that appears as a fleeting thought when I write things like this and begin to truly explore my own purpose.


The obvious being as this blog post states, I seek out my why, an attempt to find reasoning for my life and presence and this tends to lead me to feminist arguments and a desire to preach and make the world a better place.

Then I remember I’m not Rosa Parks. And then I follow my thought process with inspiration and faith from history that though one person cannot change the world, I am not the only one taking a small step to change it.

Amongst that is the shadowing thought that I am spending so much time searching for my why and I’m not living. I then realise all this thinking explains my brains capability to be chronically anxious.

However, back to the point, we all live in this world and whether we achieve our goals or not we will live and a life lived with such high expectations on oneself that we MUST achieve, cannot be a happy one.

Despite reassuring myself that if I do not find a purpose in my existence that it is not the end of the world, I will continue to search.

I suppose I have fallen in love with where the search has taken me, similar to religion, you fall in love with the teachings because of what you become because of them.

That’s when you come to realise as I have that looking for my purpose is fulfilment enough for my life and finding it would simply raise everyone’s expectations of me.

Keep searching for your why, because it doesn’t exist, but if we all keep looking and pretend we don’t know that nobody has lived a life without purpose.

See you soon.

Happy searching for your why…

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