My top tips for ONLINE SHOPPING…

Online Shopping… yes, there is a right way to do it…

Technology advancements and this busy millennial takeover that suggests a day has merely 20 hours in it now and that time is dwindling. Despite the fact that in reality we have been presented with handfuls and handfuls of time-saving devices and we still shockingly have the same 24 hours a day as our predecessors. So, yes, an accumulation` of all these things has birthed modern-day online shopping…

As the high street begins to gather dust and fights to stay relevant in the fashion world where the number of online-only stores is growing, and the number of people buying online is growing with them.

However, shopping online is a completely different experience to in-store, yes, it has its perks; time-saving, convenience, stock availability… But, like anything else, it has its downsides too…

Below I am going to share my top tips for online shopping as a savvy millennial sale shopper who not online accesses and uses it regularly but takes complete advantage of its benefits.


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Refine your search…

Now, when you are shopping, it is either a browsing situation or for a specific outfit or piece… regardless of both these factors, whether you do or don’t know what you’re looking for. You still have many factors you can use to reduce your scrolling…

An endless amount of people I watch doing online shopping fail to add their sizes when they are endlessly scrolling, this leads to two things, and both are going to hinder your shopping experience! Having a list of 1897 products available of which you get bored of scrolling when reaching skirt number 123 or… you find ‘the one’ and get excited to be left disappointed that it isn’t available in your size.

If you are looking for a denim skirt specifically, why not save time and if you can add the colour and fabric too when you are refining your search. Most websites have a long list of things for you to select to maximise your time and experience.


Tip #1

Refine your search with your sizes, and any other factors available before you start scrolling.

Sort your search…

Another useful feature of sites is the sort button, sometimes this lies in the refine section but often it is on the top right just before you’re items are displayed. This is another invaluable tool, especially for those on a budget!

When you are shopping in-store you can avoid that expensive corner of the shop or even the expensive shops, however, online shops often have various ranges and offer both basic and premium products. This means that one minute you are looking at Pretty Little Things £8 black bodycon and the next there £80 premium range Kim Kardashian red carpet dupe.

This is as problematic as not refining to show your sizes alone, as you fall in love with the premium dress and feel disheartened settling for the classic red maxi dress that just falls in the budget

This is where the sort button is invaluable, almost all online sites have various options, from ‘new in’, to price…You can usually do it both ways, low to high, and high to low. So if in fact, you want that premium boutique dress, you can look at the most expensive first.

This brings me too…

Tip #2

Sort your search, if you are on a budget ensure the items appear in order of price, low to high, this saves you money, and disappointment… stop scrolling when the number gets too high and change website. 


todaytomorrowforeverella online shopping

Discount codes, Postage and Returns…

Now, it is important to know the additional costs when it comes to online shopping, and how to minimise them to a small amount and in some cases, it is possible to make them FREE.

When it comes to online shopping and discount codes, there is normally one floating around somewhere on the world wide web, or even in boohoos case and some of the other popular sites, there are many. However, these same sites only allow the use of one code, so yes, they allow student discount at 10% but they also have a code for 25% of coats and jackets. So if you are buying a coat, the online code is more beneficial… Make the most of the one-use for the code, if you are choosing between free delivery and 25% off, figure out what saves you more…

As I have just said, many sites offer free delivery for periods of time to boost sales, so if you are in no rush, subscribe to mailing lists and wait to take advantage of this. Also, if like me you are a regular online shopper, figure out if it is worth investing in the annual ‘Free Next Day delivery’ passes many sites are now starting to offer. For example, ASOS offer this for £9.95 a year, with it being £3.00 otherwise on all orders under £25.

Finally, returns, if you are ordering a lot of items and are unsure on anything with the likelihood or any chance of needing to return, be aware of what said process entails. Most of the big online retailers offer free returns within 14 or 28 days, however, some you do have to pay for!

With all that said I present to you…

Tip #3

Make your most of the discounts available, do not use the first code you find or the site advertises, this might not save you the most amount of money. 

(AND DO NOT BE AFRAID TO RETURN… do not feel guilty!)


Just like in the stores, the sale items can be hidden and made difficult to trawl through, leaving you heading back to the full price items that have a sense of order. And a sense of hope.

Some websites emit their sale items from the main search, instead of making them only visible if you head to the sale tab… This means you can miss out on a bargain because you don’t know where to look. Most sites will highlight or change the font of sale items, so if you don’t see them appearing in your main searches you may want to head to the sale tab before you stop searching.

Various sites have always got items on sale also, ASOS doesn’t tend too but instead does flash sales, however, Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing certainly do. And Boohoo definitely does not display these items in the main search…

And so, here we are at…

Tip #4

Always check for sales, and sale items, sometimes they are hidden and displayed seperately. Learn which sites keep them apart, and which integrate them into your searches. 

Shop Around…

When you see a coat you like when out shopping, you check that shop around the corner first to see if they have one you prefer right? Do that online.

There are tonnes of online shops, and some very similar online shops, which means some very similar items… If you are looking for something on-trend or something that somewhere else might sell, why not check on the other websites?

It seems silly to buy the first pair of cargo trousers you see in khaki, when in fact another website may have some in a colour you prefer, in a design you prefer, or simply for a cheaper price… or for the same price, but with a discount code!

So, here is my final tip-top tip…

Tip #5

Do not buy the first item you find that fulfills what you are looking for, make sure you are getting your best value for money, and the the one you want. 


todaytomorrowforeverella online shopping

And, that brings my top tips for online shopping to an end.

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  1. Alex
    05/02/2019 / 18:32

    Great tips! I always try and shop around when I find something I really like just case there is a better deal out there.


    • 05/02/2019 / 18:52

      Exactly, got to find the best price and product! I get far too invested into my online shopping making sure I get it at the best price from the best place…

      Its worth it though!!!

      Thank you for the comment, glad you liked the post angel!
      Ella XOXO

  2. Rachel Syson
    07/02/2019 / 06:25

    Excellent, just what I do too!!
    I class myself as a serial shopper but without it being an addiction.
    My additional points to add to this would be…
    If you cant find a discount code, leave items in your basket a day or two after registering your email and 9 times out of 10 companies will email you a reminder with a discount code, free postage to encourage you to make your purchase.
    Secondly, I ALWAYS go through a cashback site, I use Top Cash Back and get cash for doing so, however! Be savvy and don’t let Cash Back offers force you to shop at companies that prices might be higher!!
    This shopping online malarkey is just one big game and it’s knowing how to play it!

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