This seasons fashion, lifestyle and beauty…

This seasons fashion, lifestyle and beauty…

Hello and Welcome back or Welcome to, TTFElla.

Did you know that there are two types of seasons? The most commonly known and referred to being the meteorological seasons, this refers to seasons beginning on the first of the month the solstice or equinox occurs in. However, the astrological definition of the beginning and end of a season is the specific date on which said equinox or solstice occurs.

Anyway, nerdy fact over with, it is now October and it only seemed appropriate to post my seasonal thoughts.

Hence, today’s post, an autumnal themed post. Let’s talk, fashion, beauty and lifestyle… all the changes the turn of falling leaves and shorter days bring.


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The turn of Autumn brings those warm tones, oranges, and burgundy lips back to us in abundance. Now, I am a sucker for a warm-toned eye look, so every season has me getting my oranges out, however, Autumn makes me incapable of restraint when it comes to a subtle warm and smokey eye look! Or like I said a bold lip to match my deep red-toned scarves and accessories. And we must not forget the browns so we coordinate to the falling leaves on our adventures…

Another thing that autumn brings for me is some well needed TLC for my skincare, as winds pick up and the suns rays fade away autumn is when I focus on moisturising my skin! And as bobble hats begin to make there way into my daily outfits, keeping my hairline and skin fresh and clean is so important to avoid spots.

My favourite beauty products at the minute for October being my Hoola bronzer to warm up my face paired with my I love Makeup Chocolate Orange palette! And, let’s not forget my favourite moisturiser the Body Shop, Oils of life night time moisturiser, one of the most expensive products I own, but one I stand by. Finally… as I said with bobble hats, autumn is a season where I use toners regularly to keep my face neutralised and clean. Currently, this is the Olay cleanser and toner but previously it was the holy grail of Simple’s toner.


Now autumn colours are the most complimentary collection of all, and just like the warm-toned makeup, my wardrobe follows the same style. As I bring out my burgundy jumpers. And yes that is plural because it is an intense collection of the shades possibilities from turtleneck to V neck, and from wool to cotton. As well as the appearance of a similarly excessive scarf collection, everyone’s best friend in Autumn as the cold draws in and a jacket doesn’t quite beat the cold.

Oh, and BOOTS. As the weather draws in, as people like to say, the sandles disappear into the back of my wardrobe to save my toes the torture and my impressive collection of boots I have gathered appears. With staple black Chelsea boots, and heeled brown boots, and of course the knee-high suede boots to be paired with the cosiest of super-long socks.

Autumn also brings layers, as no longer is the simple T-shirt or even a jumper is capable of keeping us warm. As you grab your shirt, then a jumper, followed by a jacket, and a scarf… and on those days that it feels like Winter, I am the girl with leggings underneath her picture-perfect autumnal look. (NO SHAME.)


Every year seasons come and go and life goes on, but we all have habits we may not even notice we pick up and leave behind as the weather rotates in its annual cycle. When for example evenings include turning the heating up marginally too high, picking up your heaviest cosiest blanket and enjoying TV distinctly more than you did in Summer as you watched the sunset distracted by the bright skies and your warmed skin.

When X-factor shows its face on the TV guide and you retreat to your house more, with evenings in coming before evenings out. And suddenly hot food is heavenly and is distinctly nicer than it was just weeks ago, as it becomes luxurious, not necessary.

Summer has been a gift this year in the UK with hot days towards the end becoming normal, a strange occurrence for us Brits. However, I am as ready as ever to grab my jumpers and start wrapping up and feeling like I am wearing my entire wardrobe every day. My favourite season is either Autumn or Summer. So, as I say goodbye to days sunbathing in the tiniest bikini I also welcome the days that are coming…


What is your favourite season? And why? 


Today Tomorrow Forever, 




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