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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]oday Tomorrow Forever Ella.

It was as all my best ideas are, a late night thought, and it just seemed to stick with me. Four months ago my blog name meant something to me but it didn’t mean as much as it does just four months later. Today Tomorrow Forever has become a part of me and a part of my recovery, and I am not simply referring to my blog, but also it as a concept.

So you are probably confused, but as I wrote the words over and over in posts, tweets, links and whatever else, ‘tomorrow’ became a concept, it became my concept.

The meaning of tomorrow grew in my mind, and it is no longer a day to me, tomorrow is a state of mind, it is a destination, and it is where I am going. Mental Health isn’t linear, and recovery isn’t linear, and with all my bad days came someone reminding me of what the future can and will be and what I am made of. The thing is future isn’t a word I like to use, it feels like something so far away. But tomorrow is always just around the corner.

The Tomorrow Concept is what you need to hear on the bad days, whether that is that tomorrow will come, you only need to reach tomorrow, tomorrow exists, there will be better tomorrows… the list is endless… the tomorrow concept is about remembering that today isn’t your only life, today isn’t for forever.

So I have created this, it isn’t an award, however, it follows the same process… keep reading to see. All I shall say is The Tomorrow Concept is about sharing the love and reminding yourself to act each day and each moment with self-love!

The Tomorrow Concept!



  • Include the wonderful Logo.
  • Link this blog post to yours, providing the original post and rules to nominees.
  • Thank your nominator and so some love by providing a link to there blog, and social media accounts if you are feeling generous lovelies!
  • Answer the 5 questions which you will find below…
  • Add your own 6th question related to self-love.
  • Nominate all the people you can think of from 3-300 and compliment each person you nominate in your post – it is all about sharing the love and notion of self-love that is too often lost.
(The 5 questions, answered by me…)

What three words do you relate to ‘tomorrow’?

Hope, Recovery, Light.

What would you say/remind someone who is losing faith in tomorrow?

For anyone who is reading this blog post, consumed by doubt, consumed by the notion that all I am writing is lies and that all I am believing in is the magic of fairy tales. I shall stop with the positivity and overwhelming encouragement and leave you with just * words and hope your faith is restored even a little bit.

List other names for the day after today?

Not a date, not a number, not a day of the week. What are you left with… tomorrow.

What scares you and excites you the most about tomorrow?

What scares me the most about tomorrow is that one day it will be last today and tomorrow will no longer be a hope I am left me, but it is this that makes fighting my mental health and fighting for tomorrow to be sooner than it wishes so precious. It is the fact that we do not live forever that makes it so special.

List 3 reasons why you matter and/or are beautiful, (because you do and you are!)…

I matter because I am strong, beautiful, talented, smart, passionate, giving, empathetic, sympathetic, loving. I matter because I am trying my best! (I couldn’t stop at 3 and neither should you!)

List 3 reasons why tomorrow is worth fighting for…

Tomorrow is worth fighting for because tomorrow is brighter than the sun, stars, moon and all of your pasts brightness. Tomorrow is worth fighting for because you have the strength to defeat all you will face until reach it and it will be worth the fight because you are worth the fight. Tomorrow is worth fighting for because tomorrow is just a never more than a day away.

My Nominees, I have nominated a lot, as I want to promote the love that this is all about, however, do not feel obliged to do the same:

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@RealMissAnxiety, @MerakiHome, @Unlunacyblog, @Shirleycuypers, @MeganBlogsAbout, @ThatGirlWithBPD,@SimplyJadeyX,@NicoleEloise27,@PaigesPugmark, @AliLivingSimply, @It’sAnnieBlog,@EmilyGalloway, @Louiseee___,@IAmStephaniejay, @Steffnativerose, @LuluDigitale, @_Unapolagetica, @FairytalesJessX, @ScarfmanAndyand finally@OkiesChaos.

My 6th question for all of my fantastic nominees…

What do you love the most about yourself and why?

I could have gone on forever with my nominations, however, I am going to leave that to be continued by all those who I have nominated. And if you haven’t but wish to answer the questions… then do it, I would be flattered. Take part in The Tomorrow Concept by following all the steps I have explained nomination or not, it’s all about self-love remember?


Today Tomorrow Forever


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  1. 17/05/2018 / 14:53

    Ah this is such a lovely idea!! I wanted to create my own “tag” at some point too, I just think it would be so fun to see how far it reaches!! Loved the questions and answers you created! xx

    • 17/05/2018 / 16:30

      Hello lovely,
      I am glad you like it, I take this moment to nominate you, @ZoeWhare, I would love to see your answers and for you to share it with your blogging world.

      Wishing you a lovely afternoon.

      -Ella X

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