The pursuit of equality

I have recently watched The pursuit of happyness can you tell?

I have wanted to post a blog based on feminism for a long time (please keep reading) to realign the false views so many people hold. Including people I surround myself with, it is too commonly misinterpreted. As actions of radical feminists have become the definition of what it stands for instead of the rightful cause feminism is.

I am a strong advocate for feminism and continue to be infuriated by the misunderstanding of so many. Feminism is the motion and movement within society that fights for equal rights between all individuals regardless of gender.

As further clarification feminism is not the movement to place women above men in societal position. And it never has been!

Society today has become increasingly equal as women can vote, get an education, get a credit card, use contraception, go in the army, serve on a jury, get divorced, work, have a mortgage and get a legal abortion. However, there is still sexism and gender inequality in existence that should be fought to be overcome.

Equality doesn’t simply benefit women it benefits everybody. And I fail to see how in any way how it doesn’t make sense.

Many people state that it’s equal or equal enough now, however, I am of the belief that feminism should be fought until there is no argument that it has reached equal no matter what. There is no explanation for settling for less when we know that there is more than can be done.

As this year is the 100th anniversary of women first getting the vote, well women who were householders over 30 years of age got the vote. It demonstrates how long inequality has existed and to me, though I celebrate the victory of progress, it continues to irritate me how equality has not yet been reached after a century of fighting the cause.

Feminism as a word, ideology, and movement has become so misunderstood.

Men have been taught to hate it and Women have been taught to question it. This is not the case for everybody but it is the case for a lot of people. Everyone should be feminist – because everybody should be equal and I struggle to accept any other reasoning.

Women = Men.

Men= Women.

People = People.

The video below reinforces what I am trying to say I could have attached 1789 more along with another 90,000 words why I believe in this but I hope the 573 I have used have been enough.



My message from this post is for you to play your part in the change and to attempt to contribute to a worthy battle in the right for equality of genders in society today and forever. Though you may believe there is nothing you can do, there always is.

Stop being scared of the word feminist/feminism and instead remind those around you of what it actually means. Correct yourself and those around you for sexist remarks or gender discrimination. Support the cause whenever you get the opportunity to and if you are feeling brave enough, even promote it.

Today the multitude of negative connotations around the subject can make it scary and difficult to address but that can only get easier if we work together.

I am a FEMINIST. I believe in EQUALITY.  DON’T YOU? 

‘I do not wish for women to have power over men, but over themselves.’  

Today Tomorrow Forever



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