The Last Word: Film Review


The Last Word: Film Review

The Last Word. A review of a kind.

I am no review writer and so I have copied and pasted the plot summary as in my own attempts all I did was spill out spoilers and fail to summarise in any sense.

Harriet (Shirley MacLaine) is a successful, retired businesswoman who wants to control everything around her until the bitter end. To make sure her life story is told her way, she pays off her local newspaper to have her obituary written in advance under her watchful eye. But Anne (Amanda Seyfried), the young journalist assigned to the task, refuses to follow the script and instead insists on finding out the true facts about Harriett’s life, resulting in a life-altering friendship.

I watched this film on Netflix with no expectations and  I didn’t pay an admission fee to sit curled up on the sofa, it is simply a film I fell upon. Yet it surpassed all expectations I had and turned out to be exactly what I needed to watch. I do not say the ending isn’t predictable and that it is unlike any other film I have ever watched. However, it is still wonderful.

I have pondered over this blog post for a couple of weeks and written notes and full posts and have found it extremely challenging to review the film as it just isn’t my style. And I have resulted in whatever the hell this is, but I hope if anything it helps you decide if you want to watch the film– you should btw. 

The film explores life and how others view yours once you are gone. Many people having a strong wish to be remembered for their existence and to leave more behind than a normal life but instead an extraordinary one. However, in this film, it shows the realisation that a life you build and love can also be a life nobody else truly understands and definitely do not love. The story teaches many lessons alongside handfuls of laughter, beauty and joy.

I took a lot from it. Especially this quote I have chosen to share with you, because who doesn’t love a quote.

‘Please don’t have a nice day. Have a day that matters. Have a day that’s true. Have a day that’s direct. Have a day that’s honest. A nice day? you’ll be miserable. Have a day that means something.’

The last word is a perfectly adequate film but if you watch it on the right day at the right time it can be so much more than that just like anything else in life.

Live your life with your happiness in mind and others happiness second. Live a life that matters to you.

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