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We are nearly at the end of my Blogging series, and how I am going to miss it. Next week marks the start of the end, one week 4 blog posts to celebrate the end of my series, and to break down self-hosted blogging. This means if you’re not subscribed, look to the right and submit your email so you don’t miss a post.

Today though, I am going to be talking about The Blogging Community. The dynamics of it. The friends you can make. And, how you can use the blogging community to benefit your blog.


Terrified seems a slight exaggeration of what I felt, but I was certainly nervous and very apprehensive when entering the big wide world of blogging. Blogging to me looked like art and even bloggers with a small following seemed like famous untouchables that I could only dream of talking to.

The aesthetics, ‘highlight reel’ and photogenic nature of blogging made me feel like I was entering a world I wasn’t meant to be a part of. I felt like I was breaking into the unknown and was nothing alike to these talented, picture-perfect writers and artists. Blogging felt like a different world, and the people within seemed like super confident, super everything, supermodels.

That said, I came to the conclusion I was still going to start a blog and start blogging because I loved writing and even though I was never going to be a ‘real blogger’ like the people I stared at through my screen, I could still pretend. A few months on and I realised that these people I could only dream of becoming were simply just a few years further along than me of hard work.

Bloggers can feel like a completely different species of people as you see them constantly submerged into creating content, editing content and planning content. But, the reality is, or at least it was for me, that when you start blogging, you just can’t stop.

I have been blogging for nearly two years now, and I cannot imagine my life without it. Blogging, pictures, content and schedules are always on my mind. I caught the blogging bug and now I am coming up to a year self-hosted. And here’s the thing, you probably start blogging knowing very little and these blog obsessed people seem crazy. However, like most things, practice makes perfect and you quickly learn a lot!

I went from being a beginner to knowing an extensive amount about blogging what feels like overnight. As I said, I caught the bug, and as an industry blogging is an easy thing to learn about.

Why? – You ask.

Because… bloggers blog about blogging. Just like I am now.

I read and read, blog post after blog post about SEO, Apps, content ideas… and I soon felt like this other species of people, was one I was maybe a part of.

The Blogging Community is not about knowledge, it is a community built on a shared passion, and a shared love for the hard work, process and rewards of creating and sharing content. Anyone who partakes in such process, whether nobody views your content or millions do, is a blogger. The belief that one’s readership and the value others place on your content does not determine your blogging status.

If you have a blog, If you blog, sorry to break it to you. But, you’re a blogger.


Once you have allowed yourself to accept that you are in fact just as much as a blogger as the blogger your crushing over and dreaming of becoming. You suddenly don’t feel quite as apprehensive or nervous to talk to these people, and even befriend these people.

Which brings me to how you can use the blogging community to benefit you as a blogger, and your blog.

Other bloggers and the community as an entirety is an amazing tool to utilise as a blogger. The biggest benefit for me will always, without a doubt, be friendship. As through talking to other bloggers online, I have made some of my best friends.

Through sharing my content, exploring hashtags and engaging in twitter blogging share trains I met two of my closest friends, Zoe Ware and Chaz.

Click here to read Zoe’s Blog // Click here to check out Zoe’s YouTube Channel

I also have a list of other friends that I can’t even count on my hands that I have made through blogging, and from simply being a blogger. All of which are like-minded and friends who I can rely on at all hours to talk everything from blogging to anxiety.

Anyone you meet through blogging you are guaranteed to have one thing in common and that’s blogging. If you start talking to beauty bloggers or fashion bloggers like you are too, the similarities grow even more.

I can honestly say the friends I have made through blogging are the best friends I have ever made. These friends also have another huge benefit that my non-blogger friends can’t offer. Support. Other bloggers are the only other people who understand blogging, so many of my friends now started out as people I reached out to for blogging advice, or I simply messaged to praise.

The blogging community is an asset for a blogger as all of the people within it have had a different experience, and l for example, love chatting with other bloggers and offering support to newbies.

The final benefit is similar to support and is a kind of support. As a community, like I said bloggers will understand your toils and tribulations, this means they understand battles with algorithms. Bloggers support other bloggers, and I am talking about views and sharing of content here, or boosting Instagram engagement. As other bloggers know just how pivotal the first half an hour of an Instagram photo being posted is.


Like I said at the start, this is the start of the end, as next week I begin my final week of posts for this series. There will be 4 instead of 1, all centred around self-hosted blogging. But before I got onto that I had to finalize the series in a sense talking about the blogging community. Blogging has given me so much, from confidence to website design knowledge. However, when I began my journey I never anticipated just how much I would gain from the community I was about to join. It is one of the aspects of blogging I love the most. Other bloggers.

So, I guess my advice to newbie bloggers reading this contemplating joining us, take the leap of faith. You won’t regret it. And, to fellow bloggers, thank you for making this community feel like my second family.

Do you have any top tips for using the Blogging Community to benefit your Blog?

Have you met any besties through blogging?


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  1. Zoë
    22/03/2019 / 15:33

    Omg you’re the sweetest!! I love you so much Ella!! The blogging community is by far the absolute best and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!! xx

    • 22/03/2019 / 22:22

      Aww my boo. I love you so much I couldn’t imagine my life without you now prin. XXX

  2. 28/12/2019 / 18:29

    Super points here Ella. Building a thriving community is a huge factor in seeing this blogging journey through.


    • 28/12/2019 / 18:39

      Thank You Ryan, the community is why bloggers exist and succeed I believe. Have a lovely weekend.


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      @ttf_ella – Twitter

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