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A Familiar Stranger: Book Review

Here is a different one for today, a book review. If you have stuck with me in my inconsistent blogging journey the last review you read from me was the other book of this wonderful author, Matthew Williams. His first book titled Something Changed found itself on my lap nearly two years ago kindly gifted […]

Recent favourite books

This year I have read more books than I read in the entirety of last year and we haven’t even reached 2 months in yet. I have amazed myself. However, I have delved into a new book genre and tone of reading, which has proved to be a well-made choice. I have fallen back in […]

What is your why?

After listening to a radio show and hearing a caller perpetually ask, ‘what is your why?’. It stayed with me. Since then this blog post has been sat in my drafts and it hasn’t felt the right post. Yet with the new year approaching, I feel it is easy to question¬†your why¬†as we all evaluate […]

The Power of Words

The English Language … Before writing this blog I thought I knew what I wanted to say, and I searched for quotes and literature that others lived by to inspire me further. However, in that quest I came to the realisation that I live my life by the words I hear, say and wait to be […]