Personality Disorder

Déjà Vu.

When people talk about deja vu and that feeling of going back in time suddenly not being present in the now but watching the past evolve for a split second I never really understood. As we face similar moments in our lives but nothing is inherently the same as something that happened days or years …

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Movies and Mental Illness​

Hello lovely, There has always been a common issue with the media creation of books, film and TV, which closely explore mental illness or heavily feature characters who have a mental illness, in the romanticisation of it and trivialisation of it. This probably happens for multiple reasons, but it doesn’t mean that all of these …

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Finding balance in your journey to recovery.

  Balance. [dropcap]Recovery[/dropcap], I posted a blog about how I define recovery from mental illness the other day, click here to read or click here to check out all of my posts related to my recovery… Since posting that blog, I have been faced with the challenge that is balance, something that we all face in …

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Mental Health Awareness Week, Ends.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2018. 14thof May- 20thof May. Ends. (like everything else in this world.)  – click here to read Monday’s post, that marked the beginning of this week.  I have been advocating mental health for around 6 months, in an intense and determined fashion. I have said all the clichés, I have held …

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How I learned to Love Myself. – Integrity.

A co-written blog post all about self-love, integrity and high school, with the wonderful, Chaz from Unlunacy Blog. She also wrote a piece in my Monthly Mental Health Series: Anxiety. Check this out by clicking here! [dropcap]H[/dropcap]OW I LEARNED TO LOVE MYSELF. I remember feeling like everyone was better than me. Everyone else was always …

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