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Movies and Mental Illness​

Hello lovely, There has always been a common issue with the media creation of books, film and TV, which closely explore mental illness or heavily feature characters who have a mental illness, in the romanticisation of it and trivialisation of it. This probably happens for multiple reasons, but it doesn’t mean that all of these […]

Monthly Mental Health Memo : May

Hello My Loves,  sorry I have been so distant. This sunny weather isn’t very compatible with laptop screens. May. May has been a month filled with relaxation and sunbathing for me, and it has of course been Mental Health Awareness Week. So let’s get on and get talking mental health. TV Regarding TV, I firstly […]

Monthly Mental Health Memo

March 2018. [dropcap]This[/dropcap] month has been filled with lots of Mental Health related features and I can’t wait to share them with you all. I intend on making this style of post a monthly addition to my blog so let me know in the comments if you would like me to mention any other things next […]