Spring has Sprung

[dropcap]If[/dropcap] you are reading this post the date of publication, yesterday, March 20th marked the beginning of Spring for us here in the Northern Hemisphere. (The technical explanation for this being to do with the celestial equator if you are questioning the reasoning for such strange date for Spring to begin.)


Spring brings the start of lighter longer days, warmer weather (hopefully!) and the feeling of growth. As all that surrounds us flowers and the world seems to come back to life after winter leaves a mark of a different type of beauty.

For those of you who have had what feels like a bad start to the year, do not sign off 2018 just yet. As Spring brings us all the hope we need to remember that life still exists. As daffodils reappear despite the harsh cold weather they have faced recently.

I am writing this late at night following an unusual visit from Jack Frost and a sprinkle of dust on our grounds, so it seems bizarre to be discussing the beginning of the lead up to summer. The statement spring has sprung seems far from true as snow is settling on the grass in the garden as I write this.

I was intending to tell you all to wave goodbye to the snowy mornings, frosty windows and cold nights. But they seem to be lingering around. So I shall say with hope in mind that we are welcoming the loosening of winters grasps on all our lives. My next post- being posted this Friday may shed some light on my negativity towards winter and positivity towards the prospect of Spring temperatures, lighter evenings and generally calmer nature. For a sneak peek, you could check out Monday’s post which follows a similar discussion, though you may not be able to connect the dots just yet. (link here)

As the 3rd month of 2018 is drawing to a close, a quarter of the year! And as we welcome a new season it only seemed fitting to write about it. I apologise to all those I have just scared at the concept that we have stumbled through a quarter of a year already. I had the same shock reaction when I realised also.

Spring for me this year, as I said above I welcome with open arms as I gladly wave goodbye to the freezing temperatures and winter weather of the recent months. My anxiety seems to be heightened by all of those things as it rises with the cold and doesn’t appreciate the connotations snow brings. Therefore though in the past I had very little excitement at springs prospect. This year I am finding myself, what I would possibly extend to being excited. Is anyone else the same? Or is my anxiety and weather link just me?

I would also like to emphasize to those still concerned and dwelling on the fact we are already a quarter of the way through 2018, that we have 2019 coming afterwards. Time can be scary as we set goals and expectations in our minds out of habit that this year we will break all the bad habits of all the years before. Then all of sudden its Christmas. My message here is that time is a social construction, stop waiting for the right time and make now the perfect time. The only time we truly have is now anyway.

Make the turn of spring become the perfect time for all you intended to do and all you have been procrastinating and all you have considered ‘unnecessary’, as the day just doesn’t have enough hours. We all have the same amount of hours, minutes and seconds in the day make every second, minute and hour of your time feel as invaluable as the last because you cannot put a price on yourself nor your time.


I shall end this post short and sweet, as I wish everyone a Happy Spring, a Happy Day and a Happy Tomorrow.

Look out for the daffodils…

Today Tomorrow Forever


‘If we had no winter spring wouldn’t be so pleasant.’




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