Something Changed: Book review

A Book Review of Matthew Williams book Something Changed, stumbling through divorce, dating and depression.

If you follow me on social media you will have known this post was an upcoming one as I have posted one too many photos of the wonderful book, bragging about how much I was enjoying it.

Matthew got in touch with me and asked me if I would review his book. My first response as a newbie blogger was extreme levels of excitement as I finally felt like I had made it. I jumped at the opportunity, I have read Matt’s blog Love Laughter Truth since I joined the blogging world this December as I fell upon it in my WordPress reader.

I was slightly apprehensive about reading the book however as I am a 17-year-old girl and despite similarly suffering from mental illness, dating and divorce aren’t things that I can particularly say I have experienced. In fact, I was actually even more nervous about the divorce element of the book, being a child whose parents are divorced.

All of my doubts were completely misplaced as I soon realised when reading the book, it was sprinkled with humour, wit and wisdom that replaced any boredom I could have felt reading it.

To read the blurb I have linked the Goodreads page here.

I have decided to separate multiple aspects of the book to allow you to decide whether you wish to delve into your purse and purchase. You should btw…


The Aesthetics:

The book arrived on my doorstep and my inner bookworm was ecstatic and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the pages. The cover as you can see below is very simplistic but pretty, and a perfect addition to anyone’s bookshelf – for sure! Inside the book also it follows the same pattern. I photographed my favourite page so you can see this below also.

todaytomorrowforeverella something changed book review

The Structure:

The book is separated into 5 parts of various lengths, which have chapters within them – this was one thing I loved. The layout of the book reminded me of what I loved about Matt Haig’s Reasons to stay alive. I found it extremely accessible and it is perfectly crafted for me as I do appreciate short chapters. The book is also around 220 pages so a length that is also not too daunting to those who aren’t bookworms.

I will also add that as the book is sectioned into parts if I had found difficulty reading the divorce part, I could have left it. I feel I will refer back to this book too, yet fundamentally for the second part focussing upon depression. And the book makes this very easy to do so.

The Content:

I think I have made it clear from beginning this review that I enjoyed this book. I wouldn’t have purchased it, but after reading it I take back that statement entirely.

Matt discusses divorce, depression and dating with honesty, wit and bravery. He doesn’t overshare either if you had said concern. The book finds a healthy balance between recalling his life and the things he has been through running parallel to his advice, what he has learnt. As well as an abundance of occasions where he feels like your personal cheerleader. I admittedly as I have confessed didn’t find the dating advice personally useful but it was also funny. Also though I didn’t find the divorce advice useful it did open my eyes to what my parents went through and altered my perspective upon it. Inevitably also finding the depression advice useful but also surprisingly witty and enlightening too. Each part of this wonderful book tended to my mind and kept me peeling back its pages.

I am sure it will do the same for you…

todaytomorrowforeverella something changed book review

I am not the best at reviews as I find myself digressing and struggling for things to say, however reviewing this book has been nothing but a pleasure, just as reading it was.

Matt also hasn’t slipped me any money for this, the book was a gift and all opinions are mine unaltered by any bias. If it was I certainly wouldn’t admit how pleasantly surprised I was by it.

If you wish to follow Matt’s blog and social media accounts they are all linked at the bottom of this post. The book can also be purchased on Amazon linked here.

I shall conclude this post about a wonderful book the only way I could. With a wonderful quote of Matt’s that he has left me in love with.

I remind myself that it will pass and that I don’t always have to know the answers, there doesn’t always have to be a reason. Maybe it’s just me; and maybe I’m okay just as I am.’

Matthew has since released a second book which I have also reviewed, click here to check it out too.

Today Tomorrow Forever,

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