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Here we are again and I am back with another blog post, another upload in My Blogging Series saying Hello, and in this post we finally get into the importance and impact of interaction and the power of social media. In a previous post, My Must-Have Blogging Apps, I listed all of the social media platforms I use, I attempt to use and I just flat out fail to use, and there’s a good handful.

Social Media is now a huge market and is no longer just Facebook… So, how do you use it effectively? How do you balance your accounts? Who do you interact with?

Social media is a great tool for bloggers, however, it is simply that, a tool. If you are reading this the day of publication you will be very aware of the unreliability of social media, as Instagram went down for hours yesterday locking people out of there accounts and voiding the accounts you could access useless not allowing people to post. This is why it’s important to optimise your blog and to make the most of social media to drive traffic to your blog and to advertise.

When I started my Blog a few years ago, it was a hobby and something I didn’t take hugely seriously, and as it grew in value for me, and I began using Twitter to share my posts… I would tweet once maybe twice and that would be it. Left questioning the poor engagement, poor views and why it wasn’t working. Until I fell upon an article which discussed the lifespan of social media posts, on varying platforms.

A tweets lifespan in varying research falling around 20 minutes… this means if nobody has retweeted it, after around 20 minutes… it’s gone- unless someone visits your page. Therefore, you must learn how to combat each algorithms hurdles to make social media work for you.

As I have mentioned above, Twitter is a fast-paced platform and moves distinctly quicker than Facebook for example, and works completely differently to Instagram. That said, below are my top tips for engagement and interaction broke down into each social media platform. It is not one fits all, sadly, and also annoyingly tomorrow they could all change there process and render this blog post useless. Which, brings me back to what I said at the beginning, use social media to direct people to your Blog and to subscribe because there you know things won’t just change… because there you are in control.


Average tweet lifespan- 20 minutes

Twitter, in my opinion, is the fastest paced platform there is, as each time you drag or scroll more tweets appear and it feels like there is an infinite amount more waiting once you reach the end of the page. This is reflected in the lifespan of twenty minutes, I can post before my shower and once I have got out and dried my hair my tweet seizes to exist…

All of that makes Twitter one of the hardest platforms to maintain as in a day ideally one would tweet between 10 and 20 times. I myself know I do not have 10 or 20 witty statements less than 280 characters to say in the day? I do retweet my own tweets a few hours after to recirculate my own content, although you have to be careful because obviously if someone does see all your tweets, they don’t want to consistently read repeats of your own content. As much as we all enjoy watching reruns of Friends, new episodes would be far more exciting you see.

Twitter also as I am sure you know has a word limit, this means your content not only soon disappears you also only have 280 characters to say it. This includes your link, and your hashtags, and your exciting caption. So, how do you make the most of your 280 characters?

– Compress your link. (Click here to compress your links online.)

– Use 2 or 3 popular hashtags that will be beneficial.

– Be direct, draw people to your blog, less is more.


Average post lifespan- 24 to 48 hours

Instagram is an extremely popular social media platform, similarly to Twitter, however, content lasts much longer. That said, content is much more important. Instagram responds to quality content, it is not what you say, but what you see. Having quality, unique and eye-catching images being the draw for your followers. The algorithm also works not in chronological but instead popularity order, this means that the posts that are received well in the first half an hour will be boosted on timelines, making replying to comments invaluable in the first half an hour. (I will add, yes this is annoying, and yes, it drives me crazy.)

You also do not need to post as regularly on Instagram, the optimum being one post a day for most influencers, any more unnecessary you could say.

Hashtags likewise add value to Instagram posts, and without a character limit, you do not need to only select 2 or 3 but instead can add many, relevance although is obviously important.

Instagram now also has the added feature of Instagram Stories, these are similar to Snapchat if I had to compare it in some way. Posting on your feed may be ideally limited to daily, yet Instagram Stories allows for you to add more content daily to your account and to interact with your following with 24-hour time limit and additional poll, questions and rating interactive features.

In entirety, Instagram is a useful tool to share images and to engage with your followers without it being permanent to your feed.


Average post lifespan- 5 hours (ish?)

I personally do not have a Facebook page for Today Tomorrow Forever Ella currently, but for those that do, the lifespan of a post on Facebook is around 5 hours, the most interaction tends to happen in the first 3 hours however the ultimate lifespan on feeds falls around 5 hours. How often you should post, also falls just as it does with Instagram, once a day, or possibly twice a day, excessively posting on Facebook is seen as spammy and is often not received well.


Average post lifespan- Not Applicable to Pinterest as it is unlike other platforms and posts do not disappear over time from timelines, as it is instead about encouraging people to pin your content to there boards.

Pinterest is unlike other platforms and can be described more so as a search engine, and therefore your posts don’t have the same lifespan. However, there is an optimum number of pins to do daily and this falls around 10 pins a day and up to 30. Making about 20% of your pins your own content and 80% others content ideally.

The best time to pin these 30 pins is throughout the day every few hours, this promotes greater visibility.

As I mentioned above regarding Pinterest, there are ideal times to post to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, this varies between person to person, and platform to platform. The best way to find the right time for you is trial and error monitoring your views, likes and interaction. Alternatively, you can research and explore different studies to find a pick when you believe it would make the most sense for you to post, and when it would be most beneficial.

If you want to know what to use to schedule these tweets, posts and pins… click here to read my Must-Have Blogging Apps.

One more thing, balance, I know how to use and how to maximise each of these four social media platforms, however, I don’t. Instead, I focus on Twitter and Instagram, because consistency is key, and I couldn’t possibly do that on all four platforms right now. I personally have chosen quality over quantity and to optimise my two platforms before adding any more. This obviously is a personal choice, you may choose the same thing but different platforms or you may be able to manage all four… (If so, please tell me your secrets!)

In conclusion, I guess what I’m saying is, social media is yours to optimise, be smart, and make the most of it. And, always direct people back to your blog!


How do you balance your social media accounts?

What platforms do you value the most for views and interaction?


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  1. 18/03/2019 / 21:57

    Ooh this was so interesting!! Im not surprised Twitter only has a lifespan of 20 minutes, my tweets never get seen, haha!! I love how you said they “cease to exist” its very philosophical, and really makes you think!! xx

    • 20/03/2019 / 01:57

      I know it is so crazy how quickly content disappears, and ahh, it’s what it feels like sometimes I guess. X

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