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Here is my second post in My Blogging Series, and it is a blog post I have discussed writing for a very long time. Setting Blogging Goals… now, if you read my New Year blog post, JUST another day, then you have some idea of my thoughts on goal setting.

I am also gritting my teeth as I write this seeing my school teachers glaring at me and maybe even telling me how they ‘told me so’, as I disputed the point of SMART targets for as long as I can remember…

(If you have no idea what SMART targets means, below is an image to show you exactly that. It was a technique I regarded as unnecessary for far too long.)


So, this is the thing about setting any goals, they do need to be smart, and SMART as an acronym is pretty good at ensuring this.

You may be questioning the value of setting effective blogging goals, or blogging goals, and I will answer that before I shed some more light as to why they need to be, smart.

Why should you set Blogging Goals?

Setting goals is an important part of success for multiple reasons, it provides you with motivation being one of the invaluable effects. Now, I am sure everyone has written a checklist before and felt the satisfaction of ticking off tasks one by one, and importantly, completing the list… Blogging goals are similar to this, they allow you to have a huge sense of accomplishment at the end and give you the chance to celebrate your progress and of course, hard work too.

In the same way, when you know you only have one box left to tick it provides you with the motivation to do so, because of the feeling of completion it will bring. And, blogging is hard work, so it is important to celebrate the baby steps and the journey.

Especially as a newbie blogger within such a saturated community, the progress can be slow, which brings me to my next question…

Why do they need to be ‘smart’?

As I just mentioned, the blogging industry is highly saturated, there are a lot of us bloggers out there trying to make the big bucks doing our dream and because of this, it is easy to feel invisible.

You must set blogging goals that are achievable and allow you to see the progress you are making without feeling deflated and as though you or your content is the reason for your statistics.


So, onto how you make sure the goals that you do set effective ones…


Be Specific:

When you set goals it is important you are explicit about what you want to achieve, this may seem extremely obvious, and it was why I rejected the acronym. However, it is true, you must ensure that what you are aiming to achieve isn’t too broad or vague.

For example, do not set to make my blog successful as your target, as the success of a blog can mean a lot of different things… Instead, say to make money from my blog or to increase readership on my blog. 

Make your goal Measurable:

Now even an explicit goal can ultimately be hard to measure, you need to make sure there is a way for you to prove your success and to clarify your goal as achieved when you do.

For example, if your goal is to make money, how much money, if it is to increase readership, by how much… 

[Psychologists operationalize data to allow them to define and measure a complex phenomenon that is inherently unmeasurable, for example, happiness. They may operationalize in it’s simplest form by measuring someone’s heart rate. In essence, you need to do this, but what you are making measurable, in blogging tends to be easily done via numbers and statistics.]

Make your goal Attainable:

Now, this is a harder one to explain, make sure your goal is achievable, this ultimately means you need to ensure your goal doesn’t exceed practicality. Life has limits and we all have personal factors to consider.

Do not set your goal to become a singer when you have never sung before…

set it to sing on a stage…

For example, will your goal compromise other aspects within your life, by setting this goal will you have to stop doing something you love to have the time? Or will you have to find an excess of money, in situations like this, your goal may simply be, currently unattainable.

[Not considering the attainability of a goal is likely to lead to a goal you do not reach, and if you do not realise why you are going to feel deflated and a failure when this is far from the reality.]

Ensure you’re setting a Relevant goal:

This is a simple one, do you really want to achieve the goal you are setting? Or will the goal your setting really benefit a more long-term goal you may be working towards.

For example, do you really want to spend your free time blogging and compromising your social life? Or does more readers ultimately boost your blogging income, if that is your long-term goal?

Be Timely:

This is the biggest factor in the failure of my goals, alongside my inability to be specific in the past, as I set deadlines that are either evidently unrealistic or I set deadlines too far ahead that the goal becomes a memory… There is a fine line between pressure and unnecessary stress, set goals that push you to work harder but do not push you to jeopardise quality or your passion.

Also, ensure you are forgiving and flexible, do not be too rigid in your approach to deadlines, aim for them but do not make them detrimental to your outlook of success.

For example, set short-term goals a few weeks ahead that is going to challenge you but also ensure that if you do not reach the goal within the deadline that it is insight and reached in no time after.

And that is about it…

I know it may seem like a lot of things to consider when you are setting targets, however, you probably do some of this thing without knowing. And making your targets SMART will only make yourself feel more accomplished and allow you to truly see the amazing progression you are making.

As well as saving you time working on irrelevant goals…

I have created a useful document for you to write your target on and also note your half way success and progress on if you enjoy documenting your targets, and if like me, writing it down makes it real…

Click here to download the printable and downloadable PDF document.

(It can be seen below in an image format with example answers in.)

Blogging Checklist-3.jpg

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