Recent favourite books


Recent favourite books

This year I have read more books than I read in the entirety of last year and we haven’t even reached 2 months in yet. I have amazed myself. However, I have delved into a new book genre and tone of reading, which has proved to be a well-made choice as I have fallen back in love with the magic of the pages that I had sadly lost. In the past I have found fiction books, falling into the teen section or recent movie release section of branding, as thrilling and captivating reads.

However, the dawn of my mental health issues brought greater philosophy to my thoughts and fiction books fail(ed) to captivate me as a reader sadly. But my mental health brought Matt Haig to me, and anybody who has read past blogs knows my love for his talent and craftsmanship with words. (My favourite book of his features in short on my Recommendations for your Recovery blog post – check it out for more book inspiration.) What followed was my revelation of self-help books and books with a topic of working on yourself and learning to become a happier person, which I found great pleasure and peace from reading and still do. As the books distract my mind with questions some may label as ‘heavy’ but I find so much beauty in the endless answers they have.

My family mostly my mum handed me books and recommendations leaving me with the short stack I have almost tackled. This means I have read many books in this passing month, including the road less travelled, discussed in my recent blog post surrounding my personal growth as I am in pursuit of ‘in-between’. However, I have not only found a collection of books I have discovered another author who tends to my every wish of what a book should be.

Mitch Albom, author of Tuesday’s with Morrie and a collection of other diamonds within the world of books.

My Auntie leant me the book that followed the hit book, Tuesday’s with Morrie, which is The 5 people you meet in Heaven and in reading it I found the pleasure that my fiction books fail to provide me with recently, which is self-discovery. I had learnt so much about oneself as I consumed the pages over 24 hours and revelled in its beauty. I have ordered the third book and intend on reading all 5 of his books that similarly relate to Tuesday’s with Morrie.

Both books I have read at current if you are contemplating the purchase I shall briefly discuss, they are books which discuss life frankly with nothing but honesty and both explore the fears that we either choose to ignore or let torment us, from what happens after this that is life and am I living or simply existing in this life I have been given. I do not want to provide any more depth as both books have very beautiful stories to tell and interpretations to be made that I do not wish to distort in any way.

All I will say is that the books are not of any extraordinary length, nor of extraordinary complexity yet there are enough words for your own mind to answer the questions it leaves with you that otherwise I know would leave me in a state of uncertainty. And the questions it doesn’t leave you with answers to,  it does leave you with a few things that aren’t the answer to help you along the way.

The five books I have mentioned are, Tuesdays’s with Morrie, The 5 people you meet in Heaven, For one day DSC03787more, The timekeeper and Have a little faith. Though I only truly speak for the first two they are enough for the other three to be deserving of my time. and I hope yours.

For more information on the books visit Mitch Albom’s website that is linked. (This is not sponsored I have simply fallen in love with his talent and wish to share it with you, my readers.)


I shall finish this post with a quote of his.

“So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They seem half-asleep, even when they’re busy doing things they think are important. This is because they’re chasing the wrong things. The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.”

– Mitch Albom, Tuesday’s with Morrie. 


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