Patience is a virtue.

Patience is a virtue.


Three hours and counting…

Living with anxiety I have wished days and hours away and have missed opportunities and felt absent from myself at others. As I attempt to battle the anxiety by running from the shower to the comfort of my bed. And getting dressed quickly so it’s quite simply over with. Both of these are extremities of my worse days however what I am going to say isn’t an anomaly to my life, instead normality.

Living with anxiety I have sped up, as I rush the things I fear, and that happens to be a lot of things with my anxious mind being easily fuelled.

I have had to remind myself recently to slow down, as I realised speed reinforces the fear my mind has decided is attached to what is actually just life. I have spent almost a year on fast forward and it explains the exhausting nature of my mental health trap.

Back to the 3hour point, which you are probably wondering about. I have been in the passenger seat in standstill traffic for a mind-numbing three hours at this moment.

And at this point, I have resulted to sucking the last 15% of battery out of my Mac and writing a blog post… obviously on time.

Someone once repeatedly drilled into me that anxiety has a limit and cannot last at its peak for all of the eternity despite feeling like it. Therefore, the moment you sit, accept, embrace and let the anxiety pass. It will.

And admittedly despite the lack of faith in the said individual’s words, they may hold a speck of wisdom.

It is easy to wish the bad away when you are pushed to your limits, yet what you must remember is that by wishing the bad away you also remove the good. And in a world without the good is a life that is hard to sustain. As a realist I will confess the bad does sometimes win and to rush is to survive. However, if you have any strength, hold onto it and take the step to ensure that you allow the good to prevail.

You cannot do everything every day although that doesn’t mean you can’t do something every day.

Today Tomorrow Forever




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