Dating Apps 101

With the dreaded over commercialised holiday created to allow couples to celebrate there deep love and everyone else to feel, well lonely, drawing very close. It seems only apt that I now post my Dating Apps 101. Dating Apps, the modern Cinderella story, as prince charming throws the perfect ice breaker over to the hopeless […]

My top tips for ONLINE SHOPPING…

Online Shopping… yes, there is a right way to do it… Technology advancements and this busy millennial takeover that suggests a day has merely 20 hours in it now and that time is dwindling. Despite the fact that in reality we have been presented with handfuls and handfuls of time-saving devices and we still shockingly have […]

Movies and Mental Illness​

Hello lovely, There has always been a common issue with the media creation of books, film and TV, which closely explore mental illness or heavily feature characters who have a mental illness, in the romanticisation of it and trivialisation of it. This probably happens for multiple reasons, but it doesn’t mean that all of these […]