309 days of Recovery.

Bed-bound, crippled, tears rolling down my face my journey to recovery began. I was at rock bottom, I couldn’t fight any longer, I couldn’t tread water any longer, I couldn’t do it alone. Wednesday the 19th of December, 1400 hours, I met my therapist. I sat in my bed, under my covers, delicate. My therapist […]

Back… Again…

Hello┬áLovelies, Ella here back again from another hiatus it seems. Unplanned I shall add and one I wanted to bring to an end a while ago, however, it appears my writing shoes were nowhere to be seen. Now, I will be explicit here as to why this hiatus seemed to arise and why it has […]

My Favourite Clothing Brands.

Hello beautiful, let’s talk about clothing brands… Welcome to Today Tomorrow Forever Ella… If you haven’t been here before don’t forget to submit your email to the left to make sure you don’t miss a post! And, if you have been here before and are already subscribed, welcome back my angel. Now, onto the juicy […]