Glimpses of forever.

I want to write this blog post in such a tense where I am not simply talking about myself but a moment that many have experienced. However, I cannot as I do not know if the feeling I have harnessed and captured has been of any similarity to anybody else’s experiences. But I also cannot […]

What is your why?

After listening to a radio show and hearing a caller perpetually ask, ‘what is your why?’. It stayed with me. Since then this blog post has been sat in my drafts and it hasn’t felt the right post. Yet with the new year approaching, I feel it is easy to question your why as we all evaluate […]

Recommendations for your Recovery

SELF HELP. The dreaded two words of doctors and therapists, so how can you help yourself? I personally am a rather cynical individual, yet have surprised myself in my endeavours to contentment in finding some self-help admittedly useful. Those techniques being written below, I am going to review some of these methods throughout this blog post in […]

‘Happy Christmas’

Christmas. This is the first year that the Christmas spirit seems to have avoided me like the plague, admittedly I have spent an overwhelming amount of time in bed wishing days away like shooting stars. Christmas as a child always offered excitement from falling asleep Christmas Eve to playing with your mound of toys a […]