It’s okay not to be okay

[dropcap]It[/dropcap] is okay to have a bad day or week or month. It’s even human. I have had a really bad weekend recently following an attempted attendance back to therapy. I battled with anxiety as I was apprehensive of the session and after a couple of hours at max I decided that I needed relief […]

Social Media & Mental Health

Social Media.. Mental Health… Mental Illness… Most people by now have probably seen an article at some point linking the usage of social media and individual’s mental health. And yes, it’s probably true, social media can exaggerate or promote the manifestation of depressive feelings. Even within individuals living there lives with very little evident hindrances […]

A change in society

[dropcap]Celebrity[/dropcap] Big Brother drew to a close last week as Courtney act also known as Shane Jenek took the crown. Big Brother 2018 unravelled slightly differently to past series’ as the initial cast was only women in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of women receiving the right to vote. The series was filled with many […]

The new version of me

[dropcap]Today[/dropcap] Tomorrow Forever Ella. Has felt partially like another version of myself for a few months as I have only allowed strangers to peer into the darkest truths of my mind. However recently I have changed that, I have extended my blog to all of my family, and all of my private social media accounts. […]


[dropcap]Perfection[/dropcap] doesn’t exist in this world. Flaws, quirks, bad habits … we all have them.. mistakes …we all make them. With all of this being a part of life parents teach children forgiveness and attempt to nurture their child(ren) to extend compassion instead of revenge. It is distinctly easier said than done to forgive especially […]