Perfection doesn’t exist in this world. Flaws, quirks, bad habits … we all have them.. mistakes …we all make them. With all of this being a part of life parents teach children forgiveness and attempt to nurture their child(ren) to extend compassion instead of revenge. It is distinctly easier said than done to forgive especially […]

Sick not Weak

*trigger warning* discussions of suicide/suicidal thoughts* It is a common misconception that mental health issues aren’t illnesses and that individuals have complete control over them. However OCD, Depression, Bipolar, Anxiety, Anorexia… are all illnesses and there are more. The people who have and are suffering are fighting just as a cancer patient is to seek […]

My Journey to Wellness

This blog post has sat quietly waiting to be written as nothing but a title. Truthfully I have never been able to get past the title because when I explore my recovery and myself the anxiety (as I am used to) begins to take over. However tonight In the darkness of my bedroom and listening […]


Firstly I want to begin this blog post with a confession that despite the wisdom I reflect and the knowledge I present as being in my possession I am as human as the rest of the world. I judge people, I dislike people and most importantly I don’t always make the right decisions in life. Especially […]