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Now, it feels extremely ironic that I am writing this post two weeks late if you follow my Blog regularly and read my Introduction post. It is ironic because I have unknowingly exemplified a collection of the biggest blogging challenges myself…

I suppose it makes me an expert though in what I am about to say?

As I have said many times before, blogging is hard work, and like anything has it’s hurdles, in abundance. All can be overcome, blogging is obviously not an impossible pursuit, but the challenges tend to arise without warning, like the best of problems.

So here is my guide and tips to overcoming Blogging Challenges. (If there are any challenges I have forgotten to mention please do share them in the comments with me.)


Now, sadly as I said, blogging has its challenges, this is for many reasons, fundamentally I believe it is because of two things, we as bloggers, and writers are human. Yes, that means perfection doesn’t exist. And, secondly, as I said in my last post, Setting Blogging Goals, the blogging world, is a saturated one and this means you, we, are fighting to stand out.

With that in mind, I think I and others mostly face four very common obstacles, some easier than others to beat. But, it is during the journey and the process we learn the most, never the destination.

Writers Block.

I had to start with Writers Block because it seems so obvious. Now, this is probably the hardest thing I think there is to overcome as a writer, however quite frankly, there is the most simple of solutions…

Everyone who writes regularly, especially bloggers, will face writer’s block at some point,  whether it is a depletion of motivation for a few weeks to an even longer period of time staring at a blank screen waiting for the stars to realign.

Firstly, to overcome the issue, figure out why there is an issue… if you have writer’s block, what is blocking you from writing… Yes, pretty obvious, I know. For example, have you stopped writing for you and instead for your audience, this may explain your lack of excitement and it may simply be a desire to not write what you have planned. A blog becomes successful because the readers can feel the writers passion, without it, your writing is just words.

Or is it that what you want to write, or need to write, scares you. If it is, that’s okay, take some time, be patient with yourself, and stop feeling obliged to write something difficult before you are ready.

Reasons for being blocked are endless, but I believe that if you find the reason the writer’s block will soon disappear.

And if all else fails, and you can’t figure out why then just write. Write a shopping list a quote, write anything on anything, anywhere. You cannot solve writer’s block by not writing.


I am going to let you into a secret, you have the same amount of time in the day as every other person in this world. Prioritise how you spend it and quit telling yourself that you have to do anything to fulfil anyone but yourself.

Stop telling me and everyone else how much you wish you had time to make your dreams come true, and start making them come true.

Time is a complex thing, it may seem simple, but that it is not, and I will add, Mitch Albom has written a great book called The Timekeeper that looks fictionally at the creation of time, it is a good read. (Click here to purchase on Amazon– Not an Ad or Aff link simply my recommendation.) 

One must choose to delegate, prioritise and spend time wisely… in an upcoming post I will be discussing, ‘My Must have Blogging Apps’, and some of these allow for maximisation of time especially in regards to social media.

If you want to write, and you want to blog, you will find the time, if you don’t have hours to sit at a laptop or computer to write, that is not the only way. Write on the go, if you use public transport especially trains, write on the train, if you can’t do this, write on your phones note section when stood waiting for the bus, or when you have five minutes waiting for your coffee to be ready in the morning. Or, wake up an hour earlier…

Yes, you cannot make more time, you can’t have 27 hours in a day, but you do not need it, and when you accept that and start making most of the 24 hours a day you do have, you will be on the right track.

This life is yours to make, not societies to mould and create.


Creativity & Ideas.

This is a very, blogger specific issue, and is one I think we all fall subject to very much because of blogging is such a massive industry now, and there is so many of us.

I myself have been subject to this in the past, especially when I got serious with my blog, and realised how much I actually wanted to nurture it and build it. I suddenly faced a blank not of writing ability or drive but instead trying to figure out what the hell to write about.

Suddenly all of my ideas were not original enough, not niche enough or too niche… I could write a skincare post, but every other beauty blogger had done that. I could tell the story of my Mental Health journey, but it was too personal and niche. I could discuss my favourite books, but I write a beauty and mental health blog, and books aren’t either of them.

Yes, sometimes it feels like there is nothing else to possibly publish into the saturated blogging world, but that is not true. Yes, a blog with nothing original is less likely to be successful, a USP (Unique Selling Point), will always draw more people to your blog. But, it doesn’t mean you cannot share your seasonal tips and tricks, or evening routine

This brings me nicely to my final point, we are our own worst enemies most of the time, and when you feel like you have no ideas, stop judging your ideas and simply write them down.

Click here to download a FREE and PRINTABLE Pdf.  document that helps you to gather ideas and then find the good ones, not every idea you have has to become a reality, but write it down, maybe one day it will inspire magic. Remember an idea, is just an idea.

(Document can be seen as an image below.)

Blogging Checklist


As I just said, we are our own worst enemy, and I think that we as bloggers can be our biggest challenges. As I said at the start being human means we are not perfect and this means life happens and emotions happen and sometimes we can’t post or we forget, and that is okay.

Ourselves can be our worst enemy in many other ways as bloggers, especially at the beginning I think too when your blog is being born and you are finding your feet.

– Patience.

Blogging is not a quick switch, it is a process, and so is social media growth… as Instagram algorithms make it harder not easier to expand your audience. You must be patient and understand that it may not be your content, but simply that success takes time.

– Comparison.

I know as well as the next person does that it is hard not to compare yourself and your life with others. Admiration, inspiration and aspiration are all okay but comparing yourself to others is not. You and your blog do not benefit at all by feeling disappointed by your lack of followers compared to someone else’s who may have been going for 3 years or 3 months longer than you. Aspiring to achieve what someone else as admiring their talent at writing and editing and being inspired by there passion and content are all going to benefit you. Comparing yourself to find the flaws in either of you will not.

I will say it again, blogging is a saturated industry use those around you to benefit you and allow you to build not to make you feel inferior or inadequate.

It is all about Mindset.


And, that brings me to the end of the post, and I really hope that this post hasn’t put you off if you’re a newbie blogger, the challenges are a shark in the ocean compared to the delights of the coral reefs.

Please comment on your thoughts on blogging challenges too, and of course how to overcome them!

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