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Happy New Years Eve!

I am probably going to rack up a fair few cliches in this post, like how I just can’t believe it is already New Year’s Eve. And how the year has flown by. And how this year is ‘the’ year. So, in my defence, I warned you.

The New Year has an air of reflection and rumination that comes with it. An air that seems to materialize in our minds as early as the 1st of December and that lingers far beyond the 2nd of January.

I personally am undecided on whether such an annual pattern of reflection is beneficial to us, as an already, as Matt Haig put it, nervous planet. Or, if in fact, it breeds negative energy and feeds the picture perfect social media lives we are now living. As each year we access the past 365 days, 28 of which we had already spent looking 28 days ahead to how we would in just 28 days, be looking back on the year. Which, ultimately leads us to spend a month fixating on the New Year, and how shockingly important it is to celebrate, quite frankly, the earth’s rotation around the sun.

Then if you are traditional you celebrate, sing, dance and kiss as you welcome the clock turning 00:00 as one year ends, and another begins. The morning hangover comes, for a high proportion of people, and then, it begins.

The New Year’s Resolutions.

The most common one being for those who have been consumed by the brainwashing of modern society. Completely consumed by pressure from themselves and everything digital everywhere, telling them how they should look, and how ‘put together’ they should be. As many grab their bank cards and fill in gym memberships, or pledge to start running, or eat healthier, or to start a diet. The end goal of course not to be healthier or stronger, but to lose weight. As the new year fills us with copious amounts of hope, as the new beginning prevails as the push we all needed. That maybe this year will be the year that we shrink down to a size 4, our hair becomes just as silky and shiny as the woman on the Head & Shoulders advert, and our capabilities become that of fictional characters.

The reality most of the time being that we set goals that will not, in fact, make us happy, but that everything around us has told us will make us happy. And another 365 days pass, and we discuss how this year, we will stick to our resolutions. How we will finally, complete the goals we set for ourselves. Something we know isn’t true even as we say it aloud, as we know the things we are saying we will do, truly do not make us happy.

As the size 16 woman saying she will finally lose the weight she has wanted to lose for years, in truth, wants to simply feel validated, enough and beautiful in her own skin. She doesn’t want to lose weight to make her happy. She wants to lose weight so that she fits into society’s mould of beautiful, so she can for once be seen as worthy. As she persue’s a feeling, not a dress size.

As countless numbers of us say we will finally learn that thing we have always wanted to learn. As we believe that plucking strings and creating that healthy vegan meal will just maybe make our lives complete. Searching for fulfilment convinced being able to play anything on the piano will absolutely revolutionise our lives.

Not forgetting though, of course, the people like me at New Year.

The people who don’t have any New Years resolutions, for multiple reasons that is. From not needing any, because their life is altogether perfect. To those who have retrospectively realised the whole concept of setting gargantuan goals is counterproductive and fundamentally just leaves you feeling inadequate. And finally, those who do not even acknowledge the new year as a celebration and neglect to even reflect.

All in all, I am of the opinion that the New Year, is something we have a tendency to obsess over and over signify as a new beginning. When the brutal truth of it all is that, it is simply just another night where the clock ticks over to 00:00.

So my message to everyone this New Year, and this New Years Eve is a simple one.

Look back, reflect on what the year has given you, the strength you have gained and the mountains you have climbed. Look back, and reminisce over the memories you have made, laughs you have shared, and happiness you have created. Look forward, do not feel obliged to set goals, but simply, instead, promise yourself a year of happiness.

The years end is nor an end or a beginning, but a going on.

Hal Borland
Today Tomorrow Forever,



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  1. 04/01/2019 / 21:11

    Ahh Ella this is such a lovely post!! Even when I as younger I thought new years resolutions were stupid. We use to have to make them in class and I remember always saying “I won’t bite my nails anymore” as my new years resolution. I said that every year. And guess what. Never once in my life have I ever bitten my nails. I just didn’t care for making resolutions, so Id say something that wasn’t even relevant to me. I have on-going goals, but they aren’t really related to the new year. Mainly I just want to continue to go to the gym, and that has been a goal since August, so Im doing well! I simply want to carry on. Loved the post girl!! xx


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