My Guide to a Blog Overhaul.

My Guide to a Blog Overhaul.

Hi, And Welcome Back, or Welcome, to Today Tomorrow Forever Ella.

TTFElla has existed for about a year now, and about 4 months on a self-hosted site known as, Life is full of change and our lives, day-to-day routines adapt to fit around what we choose to prioritize. This little space on the internet of mine was something I had not neglected but simply had chosen needed to come secondary to what was going on in my life. It was something I was going to revamp in September/October after the chaos of summer, however, life has happened and here I am now with the time to return.

With the time to dedicate me back to writing. 


The next week I am going to spend overhauling my sites aesthetics, pages and navigation… and it only seemed right to write My Guide to a Blog Overhaul First. 

Now I love my blog and I love my blog posts, I am not starting from the beginning again, a Blog Overhaul is about redefining your blog. This can be because it no longer fulfils what you want it to because you and your content have changed amongst many other reasons… Blogging is most effective when consistent, however, this does not mean that you can not alter your image and your blog ever, as what ultimately makes a blog successful is a blog you can tell is created with love and passion.


1. Presentation of Yourself.

Blogs are personal and are a reflection of the author’s mind. Readers read blogs because of common interests and because of this it is important that your blog is honest. When overhauling your blog one of the first things you should do and refer to is your About Me page, Homepage and About Me widget (if you have one.)
  • Ensure your, About Me page, is a reflection of your blog and the current version of yourself, it is easy to forget to update this page, but it is your readers easiest insight to you. And a heavily viewed page. Just like your Homepage, so do the same with this too!


2. Navigation.

If people cannot find what they want on your blog quickly and easily, they will leave. It is important that when you revamp your site you make sure your categories, widgets, header bars etc, include all the important stuff. And if you are changing your blogs niche/ content focus, make sure your blog reflects that.
  • The easiest way for people to use your blog and find content is via your header, be careful not to make it so busy that it is no longer clean, but do not omit the important stuff to be too minimal.


3. Goals, targets and schedules…

When you lose your way with your blog you have most likely slipped from your schedule, and stopped setting and achieving your goals. Blogs require a lot of self-motivating and it is important that you set achievable goals and manageable schedules. You cannot expect success from lack of consistency, sporadic posting and with no end goal in mind. You need to redefine your schedule to one you can keep to, and set short-term goals to keep you focused on your success, not allowing you to lose sight.
  • Changing your schedule to make your blog more consistent and manageable is okay, and definitely not something to feel guilty about. However, tell your audience, make them aware of what is changing and why your readers read your blog because of their vested interest in both what you write about and YOURSELF. Be honest with them.


Most importantly, when overhauling your blog, do everything for you, make it work for you. When it works for you it works for your readers.

Comment how you keep your blog fresh and in tune with the changing version of yourself? 


See you in a week.

Today Tomorrow Forever, 






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  1. 28/08/2018 / 16:43

    This is a coincidence, I was talking with a friend today about the need to overhaul mine. Good luck with getting it how you want it.

    • 28/08/2018 / 17:13

      Good luck right back to you my love, make your space all yours, all over again. All my love and strength to you as always too Matt.

      Ella. X

  2. 01/09/2018 / 11:50

    I definitely need to go and my ‘About Me’ page, it represents the 19 year-old me but I’ve changed a lot since then. Easy navigation really is key and so is setting realistic goals – I miss the time when I had time to upload 3 times a week, it’s so hard to balance uni and blogging sometimes xx

    • 01/09/2018 / 12:10

      I am glad you agree with my outlook on the blog overhaul. It is so easy to forget about the little things isn’t it! And it is okay though, your blog is yours to make work for you. Once a week is better than nothing. Love and Hugs. TTFElla Xo

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