My Favourite Clothing Brands.

Hello beautiful, let’s talk about my favourite clothing brands…

Welcome to Today Tomorrow Forever Ella… I am going to break down my favourite clothing brands, considering affordability, quality and if the store is online-only?… Because as any devout shopper will tell you, different shops are good for different things.

But what shops are good for what, you ask? Well, get scrolling.

todaytomorrowforeverella clothing brands

Shopping for me is something that is most definitely a hobby, I don’t just shop because I need clothes. I shop because I enjoy it, and I don’t always buy, I simply appreciate and envisage you could say. This has left me with a great deal of knowledge about different shops and there Pro’s and Con’s.

I must add that I am not lucky enough or old enough for that matter to have a huge amount of money to spend. This means a lot of my shopping is centered around SALE’s and affordability. So, if you were looking for high-end boutique stores in this list… maybe stop reading before disappointment sets in?

It only seems right to start with my favourite affordable stores…

I must, of course, mention Primark here, a huge percentage of my wardrobe is from Primark-  from underwear to dresses. Primark is my all time favourite in-store affordable yet on-trend shop. I say on-trend because I rate supermarket clothing for affordability, however, more often than not what they lack is the ability to appeal to a younger demographic by keeping up with trends. Primark doesn’t often miss a trend and is hot on the heels of most more expensive stores creating dupes for those whose pockets aren’t quite as deep.

It also must be said, Primark always has the basics too at an affordable price, with white T-shirts for £2.50 and Skinny Jeans at just £9.

Primark is not online though… this means for those of you like me who like to shop all hours of the day (and night), Primark is out of the question. This brings me to my favourite online affordable store, and this is an easy one for me too. I buy from many online retailers, but if you wanted my recommendation for the price I would say BooHoo every. single. time.

Boohoo is a hugely affordable online-only retailer, and in comparison to Primark, I would regard it as more on trend. BooHoo offers more and certainly more of what is in right now. Yet, just like Primark it also offers staple basics in sets to make T-shirts, leggings and even basic tube skirts more affordable for customers.

todaytomorrowforeverella clothing brands

When you’re not counting your pennies and your bank account isn’t at breaking point, where then?

My favourite Online/In-Store Brands:

Topshop: Topshop, of course, makes it to my list of favourite stores, it is a great shop. It offers the best jeans a girl can buy, arguably for some at an expensive price of £36+. However, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Topshop is a great example of an on-trend store that offers high quality and long-lasting clothing. As well as offering brands like Champion and Calvin Klein in store and online.

(Topshop also offers Student discount on sale items too!)

New Look: New Look used to be a shop I purchased from more, but more often than not now I’m favouring online-only retailers. New Look is a middle ground price point store, cheaper than Topshop, and more expensive than Primark. It is on trend, targeted at an older demographic appealing to all ages but inclusive of more conservative styles.

Missguided: It seems completely foreign to me to be putting Missguided in an in-store category. But it does in fact, have 3 stores now. I have only ever purchased online as that is how Missguided started, and it is a higher quality, fashion first store. The items I have from Missguided are impeccable quality, as well as being bang on trend and up to date. Appealing to a similar age group as Topshop.

Pull & Bear: Pull & Bear is a more recent love of mine and is a brand I have a bit of a schoolgirl crush on right now, scrolling through their new in before I fall asleep. Pull & Bear is an online and in-store retailer, similar to Missguided in having just only 5 UK stores also, primarily being an online retailer. I would describe the brand as being an alternative and to being an affordable version of Urban Outfitters in many senses. It is on the cheaper side for what it provides and it offers the more unique dynamic trends.

todaytomorrowforeverella clothing brands

My favourite Online Clothing Brands:

Pretty Little Thing: Pretty Little Thing is for me a very party centered clothing site, again at an affordable price. It is similar to Missguided yet, pricier than Boohoo at times but offering greater quality at other times. The site is targeted at the millennial online shopping generation, providing dupes of the influencer’s latest designer dress. As well as, stocking all the must-have season trends.

ASOS: ASOS offers the broadest demographic here, offering something for all ages. ASOS, is also a supplier of many of the brands above, as well as stocking most major, popular must-have brands. As a brand it is a pricier online retailer in my view, however, it has some hidden gems if you know where to look. If you’re wanting more conservative, formal and timeless pieces, ASOS is where you want to be.

Shopping is very subjective, you may favour quality over cost or visa versa. With that in mind, I hope this post has given you an insight into what my favourite clothing brands are and why.


What’s your favourite clothing brand and Why?

And, if you still aren’t ready to leave, click here to check out my other fashion and beauty posts my angels.

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