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Hello lovely, how are you?…

Now I am the first to confess in the past I have had the most unusual, unproductive of evening routines. I have lived for months verging on becoming a nocturnal creature with such poor sleeping habits. However, recently I have decided to change that and turn my evening routine into one that looks after my mind and body and gets me ready for the following morning, instead of one that makes me dread the am hours.

Now trusty google classifies ‘evening’ as anytime from around 6pm – bedtime, so 6pm is exactly where I will begin.


6:00pm – 6:30pm

Normally between 6 and half-past, I am eating my dinner, or at least finishing up my dinner and catching up with my mum, discussing our days together and anything else important, or not so. I have usually finished up most of my pressing blog tasks and anything ready for the next day.

6:30pm – 7:30pm

After I have eaten I tend to retreat into my bedroom for an hour and I spend this time online, in this time I do varying things from blogging and writing to watching youtube and catching up with my social accounts.

I like to let my food go down after I have eaten and enjoy some time to myself while I do so catching up on the days notifications. This also gives my mum and step-dad time to themselves to catch up with each other too.

7:30pm – 9:00/10:00pm

After spending some time alone with my thoughts relaxing and allowing my food to digest I join my family and we tend to watch the TV together. What we watch varies, from the current crime drama on the BBC to the usual evening quiz shows, I would list my favourites, but I would just be embarrassing myself…

During this time I am joint by my partner in crime and enjoy the company of my bunny. Margo tends to make an appearance around half 7 searching for my attention, and acting very much her age when she doesn’t get it constantly. So I enjoy nibbles from her as I reply to a text and dare to divert my attention from her for a split second or more.


9:00/10:00pm – 11:00pm

After spending time unwinding in front of the TV for an hour or two I run myself a hot bath and spend the next hour reading a book and hoping I don’t drop it in the bath, as well as carrying out my skincare routine to keep my skin looking its best of course.

Sometimes I spend this hour catching up on my favourite YouTubers too instead of reading depending on how tired I am.

11:00pm – Midnight

After getting out of the bath I go and take my medication, 20mg of Fluoxetine, and then I return to the bathroom to brush my teeth before crawling into the comfort of my quilt and bed. I usually put a Spotify playlist on either pre-created for sleep or something slow and calming. While that plays for half an hour I reply to my messages, schedule the following morning’s social media posts, or at least my Instagram post that is. And then I either pick up a book again or simply turn over to fall asleep.

Midnight onwards…

Now, I try to get to sleep for midnight, however, often my mind is running away with itself and in such case I keep my music playing and set a 30-minute timer which stops it playing after said duration and I hope for the best. If I am too anxious and my mind is still running away with itself I usually resort to Candy Crush, Words with Friends or some other game I have on my phone. And I usually drop to sleep in the early hours of the morning…


Now, my current evening routine is not where I want it to be, as ideally, I want to be getting to sleep in the most part before 11:00pm. As well as reducing my screen time on an evening! However, it is better than it was, and it is important to have a functional and maintainable routine, and becoming sleeping beauty before midnight is currently not those things.


Please comment if you have the same problems? And your favourite part of your evening routine?… mine is definitely my skincare routine.

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