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I have wanted to do a blogging series for a while and hadn’t quite figured out what I would do it about. So since returning to my schedule and productivity, you will have recognised my influx of presence especially if you follow me on Instagram, I decided it was a perfect time.

And, what better to do my blogging series about, than blogging itself?


A bit about my blogging journey so far…

Now if I am going to be writing about my experience about blogging, it only seems fair to outline the level of expertise and success such experience includes.

I have been blogging for around 15 months? and I have been self-hosted (on this site – for around 9 of those months. I started my blog for therapeutic purposes and with absolutely no knowledge of blogging or social media beyond that of the usual millennial teen. It wasn’t until around 2 months in that I began to really consider blogging as something I wanted to do, like for real? So when my birthday came in April after a few weeks of procrastination I made the decision to go self-hosted.

9 months on and we are here, I know a lot more about blogging than I execute myself too,  which I will be talking about within my posts. As there is so much to know…

This series is going to include all sorts of posts with resources, tips, and links to make your journey easier, and maybe more successful!

If there is anything I do not cover when March draws to an end, then get in touch too, and I can add to my posts because this series is not for me, it is for you, remember that.


When will you be posting?

For my series, I will be posting every Thursday throughout February and March, alongside a Monday post unrelated to blogging and instead focussed on lifestyle, beauty or fashion.

However… the final week of March, which includes my final post of the series will be a mini-series in itself, featuring a total of four posts, published Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. This mini-series to end My Blog series on ‘Blogging’, focussing on self-hosted blogging and taking that leap of faith.

What will you be posting about exactly?

Series Schedule:

(As these posts are published internal links will be added so you can direct yourself to the entirety of the published posts for the series, or so you can refer directly to the posts that interest you.)

A Blog post & publishing checklist.

Setting Blogging Goals.

Overcoming Blogging Challenges. 

The importance of Consistency.

Must-Have Blogging Apps. 

Social Media & Blogging. 

The Blogging Community 101.

… Mini-Series Begins…

Self-Hosted vs Hosted Blogging.

Going Self-Hosted; The process.

Must-Have Plug-Ins. 

Tips for going Self-Hosted. 

(For all Posts Withing the series: click here)


And, that is all for today so…

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  1. 02/02/2019 / 12:07

    YASSS ELLA!! I really want to do a blog series, Im just trying to figure out the topic! I cant wait to read all of these posts girl! xx

    • 05/02/2019 / 18:31

      I can’t wait to read yours either when you decide! Thank You for being my lil cheerleader, love you millions XX

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