Monthly Mental Health Memo

March 2018.

[dropcap]This[/dropcap] month has been filled with lots of Mental Health related features and I can’t wait to share them with you all. I intend on making this style of post a monthly addition to my blog so let me know in the comments if you would like me to mention any other things next month.


This passing week there have been a few highlights for me on the media presentation of mental health, attempting to break down stigma instead of contributing to building it up. One of these being Zoe Ball’s Sports Relief challenge that appeared on BBC. You can watch on catchup by clicking here. The program follows Zoe Ball’s journey cycling from Blackpool to Brighton – that is a whopping 355 miles – in 5 days. Along with her journey coming to terms with her partner’s suicide and the impacts of depression. It is an honest, vulnerable and eye-opening program for those who are unaware or naive to the truth behind the fatal disease. I urge you to find an hour to watch it on catch up if you missed it.

Also this month ITV engaged in #project84 supporting Calm in there pursuit to raise awareness of the astonishing male suicide rates. With 12 men committing suicide daily in the UK this being a heartbreaking figure of 84 men a week. As ITV had 72 statues of men stood around the building with the other 12 on the This Morning building. It has acted as a visual representation of the silent killer. You can read more here, and you can even read stories and the names of each man that was and is represented by this powerful act. If you haven’t seen any photos of the building, google it, because the images are harrowing. At least they are for me.


A lighter mention here, I was recommended the Spotify playlist ‘the most beautiful songs in the world’ at the beginning of March by a fellow blogger and it has found a small place in my heart. In my last session with CAHM’s (child services), the focus was creating a box of things that help to distract all my senses. This playlist is my sound attribute. The playlist is a collection of relaxing songs, yet not lyricless as I just can’t find distraction in classical music I must confess.

So this is my monthly musical recommendation, comment any other favourite playlists too please, I love anything so all recommendations are welcome.


I recently watched Wonder, which is a film focussed on the social reactions to a young boy who has facial differences. It is a heartwarming story of the wonderful impact this young boy has on his family and the world of people around him. The film has many familiar faces for those film lovers out there and is filled with moments of magic. And quotes. It simply celebrates the beauty of differences. Something us humans seem to neglect and run away from sadly.



The film Wonder made my mind tick as I suddenly realised the story was as all movies are, first a book. It happened to be a book I hadn’t ended up buying, so after watching the film one day it arrived on my doorstep the next. I am still in the process of reading it but I certainly recommend it to you.

News/ Articles/ Blogs

Below I have linked some articles, blogs and stories I have appreciated this month that I just had to share. 

A beautiful blog post reminding me that I shall survive this, especially since it has been bookmarked since it was posted on the 6th of March! Have a read…

Project84 discussion on This Morning.                     


You all know by now, I LOVE A QUOTE.

One I am going to mention this month is one that my boyfriend gifted me with one morning. and it is truly beautiful I think.

‘Sunsets are proof that endings can be beautiful.’ 


My message for me next month and for you…

Positive Affirmations are powerful… (keep this one in your pocket this month)


Tell yourself this each morning, each night and every moment you doubt your every fibre because to be truly happy we must forgive ourselves for being human.


That’s all for me, hope you liked my monthly memo filled with happiness and mental health loveliness… comment any ideas for my April addition or thoughts on this post. 

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