Monthly Mental Health Memo : May

Monthly Mental Health Memo : May

Hello My Loves,  sorry I have been so distant. This sunny weather isn’t very compatible with laptop screens.

May. May has been a month filled with relaxation and sunbathing for me, and it has of course been Mental Health Awareness Week. So let’s get on and get talking mental health.


Regarding TV, I firstly want to mention GenderQuake, which featured on Channel 4 as a two-part series and a debate, all in relation to gender and the modern meanings that holds today. I watched all of this and though the debate, in my opinion, was poorly controlled by Channel 4, the 2 part series was an amazing look at what gender means today. I would personally highly recommend this, for those with open and closed minds on the subject, as it is a great show to demonstrate the shift in society and the real lives of people who identify not as simply Male, or Female.

Click here for ‘The Debate’. 

Click here for Episode 1. 

Another appearance on our screens this May, was 13 Reasons Why, series 2. This is a Netflix series, that for those who haven’t heard or watched series 1, follows the story of a teenage girl who commits suicide, outlining her reasons why.

I intend on writing an entire post on this in the coming future, so keep your eyes peeled. For now, all I shall say is that it was executed better than series 1, with trigger warnings and more information about suicide and mental health available for its watchers. As well as a quote that everyone must hear and I can only hope everyone can believe it too, ‘There are always more reasons why not.’


This months music subject is a playlist created by the lovely @pigletish (Anneli Roberts), it is filled with songs that Keep You Powerful.

In Anneli’s words, ‘I asked my twitter followers to send me songs that make them feel as though they can take on the world – the idea is that it’s the perfect playlist to listen to when you’re feeling apprehensive and need a boost – it’s a real mix of genres and tastes but it’s actually wonderful.’


Comment me some film recommendations please, which are effective in presenting mental health and do not romanticize it. I haven’t watched any this month, so any recommendations would be gratefully received my loves.

News/ Articles/ Blogs

Below you will find links to some blogs I have discovered this month, articles that have kept my busy mind buzzing and anything else that you just cannot miss this April. 

This month I have gained lots and lots of followers, which is lots and lots of new blogs, here are just a few of the wonderful gems I have discovered. I could have gone on, but I would never stop!

@mostly_sabrina – A newbie blogger, who I am sure would appreciate all new followers and support Twitter.

I have connected with two lovely girls this month two, with a mutual sense of loneliness, yes it is a combination of cute and embarrassing. I wanted to include their twitter links @EverythingMegsX/ @TheDiaryofEllie, and Blog links, to give you all the same pleasure I have had.

Also with May featuring Mental Health Awareness Week, there were so many wonderful blog posts, tweets and articles shedding light on mental health. So I couldn’t possibly pick articles to include.

However, Anneli, as I mentioned above, has a podcast, PigletishTalks, and it is something I have been enjoying and featured some really powerful submissions MH Week. It is a great podcast, and it seemed rude not to mention it.

Finally, Ryan Reynolds opened up this month about his struggles with anxiety that he has had his entire life. Below is a link to his NY Times interview, and it is a great read. The truth is mental illness has no mercy to anyone.


As I mentioned above in the TV section, the quote from 13 Reasons Why, really matters to me, and is one I shall, therefore, mention again.

‘No matter how many reasons there might be why, there are always more why not.’

Another quote that I found by accident this month when researching for my twitter chat, was one of the subjects of creativity and mental illness, and for some reason, I really like it.

‘My creative gifts are worth the mental illness I have suffered for them.’

Hold onto those silver linings. 


My message for me next month and for you…

The approach of summer may leave you with a weight on your shoulders, to go out, outside, to the pub, but do not feel obligated to be happy doing these things because others are. Create your own happiness this June, make yourself truly smile, not those around you.

I think summer brings a lot of pressure to be happy, and do the things others are doing, and as silly as it sounds, to go outside.

Make a promise with me this month, that you, that we will not conform to others happiness, but instead, we will fulfil our own.


That’s all for May, I hope you liked my monthly memo comment anything I missed and comment any ideas for my June addition and don’t forget to share your month in a quote in the comments. 


Today Tomorrow Forever


‘Hold on.’


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    So What by Pink is such a thorwback song, put me in such a good mood though! Also thanks for featuring me in your blog post!! xx

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      I know right, it is such a great song! Thank You for being wonderful lovely. X

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