Monthly Mental Health Memo : April

Monthly Mental Health Memo : April [dropcap]April[/dropcap] has come and gone, Yesterday should have seen the published Monthly Mental Health Memo, however, I am here just a day late.

So April, It has been my birthday, and I have gone self-hosted. So a busy month. Firstly I will thank you all for reading my blog and for those who subscribe. I am forever grateful. I have a lot planned for May, so look out for updates on my social media accounts.


Honestly, the only TV I have watched in April has been mind numbing rubbish and of very little excitement. And certainly not with any mental health correlations. So I leave this to you, is there anything I have missed this month?


George Ezra- Staying at Tamara’s

[pullquote]‘It’s never been this way before
Shut down by anxiety’[/pullquote] This album was released at the end of March. however, I discovered it at the beginning of April, and it has become a staple to my music collection. This is not because I like George Ezra, even though I do. This is for the lyrics of multiple songs such as ‘Don’t Matter Now’ and ‘Get Away’. Where George sings and recalls his experiences with anxiety.

Check it out…




My first mention here is a personal one, I watched The Greatest Showman again, and I found myself reliving the happiness that I felt when I first watched it. It was a massive boost to my mood, and certainly a mental health mention for me.

I have also watched Split this month. For those who do not know the basis of this film, it is a thriller which explores a man who has multiple identities and kidnaps 3 girls. I have mentioned this due to it being psychological in the subject, I found this extremely fascinating and a great representation of what dissociative identity disorders are and can manifest into. However, I shall highlight that the film is ultimately that and the stereotype that mental illnesses are dangerous isn’t the case it is simply a part of the plot. With this in mind, I would certainly recommend the film.


This month I have disappointed myself as I have only read the one book, this being The Timekeeper by Mitch Albom if you wish I can post a review on this? (comment if you would like to see this) This book is all about time as the title suggests and is another phenomenal philosophical and thought provoking read to add to Mitch’s others. Click here to read my review of another of his books.

I cannot recommend Mitch as an author and The Timekeeper enough, with a rich and exciting view upon Time, a weight and a subject gaining more controversy as the modern world evolves.

News/ Articles/ Blogs

Below you will find links to some blogs I have discovered this month, articles that have kept my busy mind buzzing and anything else that you just cannot miss this April.

A new friend of mine, she started blogging recently, she has featured on my blog before and is worth your time. A great new addition to my late night reads.

This is a podcast created by a lovely host, all about social media, community and mental health. I have been in touch with the host of this wonderful concept and have made a great new friend. Check out the webpage and the Twitter via the links above!

#ProjectIAmNotAshamed – @Projectiamnotashamed(FB)

I am proud to announce to those who do not follow me on Twitter that I am now a project partner, for this wonderful project. I will be posting a blog soon to tell you more, in the meantime check out the links.


You all know by now, I LOVE A QUOTE.

April, in a quote, comment a quote that summarises this month just gone for you?


For me, it is this…


‘Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is more painful than staying somewhere that you do not belong.’

My message for me next month and for you…

You will never be the same person you saw in the mirror yesterday.

And that’s okay.

As I turned 18, I was greeted with the idea that I wasn’t the person I imagined I would be. So from then, and for the duration of May, join me, in focussing on growth and harnessing the power of change as a gift, not a burden.

That’s all for me, hope you liked my monthly memo filled with happiness and mental health loveliness… comment any ideas for my May addition and don’t forget to share your month in a quote in the comments. 

Today Tomorrow Forever



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