Mental Health Awareness Series (intro)

Mental health awareness

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] had one of those late night thoughts around two weeks ago, which I liked so much I even ventured out of bed to write it down. And today I am introducing this idea for all of you to both support the notion via shares, comments, and likes. As well as to allow you to get in touch with me if you wish to contribute in any way to any upcoming posts that will be a part of this series.

The first Monday of each month I am going to be writing a, as the title suggests, Mental Health Awareness post. However, I intend to isolate each month to different diagnosis as I wish to shed light on the more common such as Depression to the less understood and known mental health diagnosis’ such as Seasonal Affective disorder. (Note to those who would wish to be involved when I say diagnosis that doesn’t mean a self-diagnosis isn’t included.)

My first post as a part of this series is going to be posted on the 2nd of April and I am excited to start publishing about a broader range of issues that are included within the mental health bracket. As it is such a vast spectrum – You could even compare it to the variety of ailments included under the term physical health if you were feeling brave. So, I am writing this introduction post as an attempt to draw bloggers and any readers into my emails as I would love all the contribution I could get. Mental Illness isn’t something anyone should suffer alone and it is together we will combat the stigma and existing false truths that the world has come to believe.

My email is …

And I hope that you get in touch. Tell your story, Share your advice, Or anything else… I am open to ideas. (Anonymity, if requested, is also more than okay.)

Mental Health Awareness is increasing as more people recognize that mind and body deserve the same nurture and care and that neither should ever be ignored. However that being said though Depression may be receiving the recognition it deserves to an extent, Bipolar and Personality disorders are still perceived with a high level of naivety sadly, amongst the multitude of other disorders. The process of progress is moving in the right direction and I wish to continue this process myself with this series.

Part of my journey to recovery was overcoming the fear that lived within me that I should be ashamed and hide my suffering. I do not wish this on anyone else as though the majority have supported me with open arms and held my hand I have still received a  few comments that validated my fear to share. As I have been labelled as bragging by peers and felt isolated by those who were once people I called my friends. If I had never or was still fighting to overcome this huge hurdle I would only be making steps in the wrong direction and getting further away from the light. I am writing this to stop this first step. because mental illness is a part of life… no matter how long the world attempts to reject this ideal.


So I am writing my blog to help myself, to learn to share with the world without fear, to do something I love and ultimately to fight for a worthy cause. And I have started this series to fight this said cause… and also to provide a voice to readers who want to contribute and to reach out to other bloggers and continue the conversation.

Essentially everyone in this world is the same – we are all human. And one day, together, love with prevail.

Fighting for the day we all act with love, compassion, and tolerance.

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Contact via any format is welcomed… Sending all my love and strength… Ella



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