Life and our ONE wish

In life, we are all granted one wish, no more and no less. It can take some people forever to realise it is a gift and for others will never realise.

The gift that is life.

The world offers love, pain and hope amongst other emotions and it gives this to everybody who takes even the smallest and shortest breath in life.

As much as a life filled with pain, suffering and misfortune can feel like punishment, you have to look at it another way. Because everybody smiles, laughs and cries. It doesn’t matter if you find love and faith from a day that leaves you still in pain because you have to isolate the love. We cannot take away the pain, but we can control our happiness, you must choose to find joy in the smallest of things.

We can all ask for one more wish in life that nobody feels pain, suffering and heartbreak. However, there is one massive downfall in the world granting that as it would leave us taking for granted the things that should be treasured and become part of our scrapbooks.

It is easy to dwell on the negatives of a day, a year and a lifetime. Too easy.

Yet the things that are best for us are never the easy things, in life, you have to learn to look beyond the darkness and see the light. That’s the thing about light in darkness no matter how dark it is, you will be able to see even the smallest flash of light.

Life offers some too much and others too little and life has never been a fair process for anyone. Despite this it offers, and to neglect your life simply because you, unfortunately, got the short straw- Well that would be neglecting the good as well.

Even the darkest of stories, hardest of times and most painful of moments leave you with a silver lining of memories were you laughed or smiled despite the pain.

You have to hold on to the despite, when you hold onto the despite you hold on to your wish.


Once life is gone it’s gone. That is what makes it so precious. So, remember even when it is so easy to forget, there is always tomorrow.

And anyone who can get through tomorrow can get through forever.

Today Tomorrow Forever.


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