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4bb5d0b99a666126b3e9bee48c647378Today’s post is inspired by National Napping Day aka Today. Self-love is an important part of recovery from most mental health issues as you must teach yourself that you deserve to recover, and in the saddest cases, that you deserve to survive. Self-love and self-care are also an important part of sustaining and having a healthy and happy life too regardless.

I haven’t found this too difficult as I started my recovery early, and along the way, I have had family, friends and an incredible boyfriend applauding my little victories and reminding me of my worth.

If you are questioning how important this can truly be in the journey to a healthy mind, I shall provide you with a comparison. If you had an open wound on your leg that was severe and had required attention, on returning home you had been given dressings along with multiple other aids to help you to resume full health. You would use what was given and the wound would heal – wouldn’t it? Liken the wound to your struggle and the dressings, painkillers and other instructions to self-help. Without the dressings would you heal? Or at least would you heal as quick? Without painkillers would it hurt more? This is exactly the value of self-help.

We have yet to reach a point in the world that physical health and mental health hold the same value, understanding and overall care. However, it doesn’t mean they do not.

I personally have a list of things that relax me and aid me in living a life that makes my illness easier to battle. Others have different lists, but ultimately we all have these lists. We seem to have a tendency to pretend that nothing is wrong, we are superhuman and we are unbreakable. Sadly this isn’t the world we live in, at least we can’t fly yet.

You must tend to yourself each day. You must find time even if it is a short amount of time to allow your mind and body to be reminded of its value. You must take care of yourself – even if it means putting yourself first. You may let a few people down but that isn’t selfish, it is smart.

Self-love, if you are still in doubt, is not about thinking your above others, it is about knowing you are never below others.

We all have days, that sometimes linger into weeks, that we feel unworthy, inadequate and invaluable. That is okay. But it is not okay to let it linger, you must remind yourself at the end of each day, at the start of each morning that despite what you may think. You are enough, more than enough.

I love myself, I love my body, I love my mind. Nobody and nothing can make me doubt my beauty – because beauty isn’t seen it is felt by the beholder. Allow yourself to feel it and your world will change forever.

At current, I am incapable of a lot of things but, there is one thing that I can do, I can love myself despite all of that. If I stopped loving myself, stopped looking after myself – what would I have to live for? Allow yourself to do what makes you human, allow yourself to love and you will never not have a reason to keep stepping forward no matter how hard it feels. It may seem hard. But you are worth every ounce of effort you have to put in to do it.

If you still aren’t sure, if you are still doubting my every argument I have put forward.

Answer this.

Would you tell your child that they were not worth it, they were not beautiful, they should not love themselves?

The simple answer is No.

So why are you allowing yourself to see yourself differently?

Teach your mind your value if it has forgotten, and never let it forget.


Have a bath, read a book, listen to music, go for a run. Self-care is never selfish.

Today Tomorrow Forever



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