‘Happy Christmas’



This is the first year that the Christmas spirit seems to have avoided me like the plague, admittedly I have spent an overwhelming amount of time in bed wishing days away like shooting stars.

Christmas as a child always offered excitement from falling asleep Christmas Eve to playing with your mound of toys a week later as holidays draw to a close. Yet the excitement seems to dwindle with age and transfer in the most part to stress, expense and pleasure.

A percentage of the population will revel in the pleasure and ignore the stress by excessive food and alcohol consumption. However, some will spend time that is thrust upon individuals as a happy time of year in a depressive state. And I cannot blame them in a world consumed by social media and visual outputs of cheesy grins and Christmas jumpers.

However, Christmas Day is exactly that, a day.

It is easy to get caught up in the expectations exceeding a notebook of pages from ‘smile’ to sitting at a table and consuming traditions one after another.

I have ended my day with a smile on my face snuggled up surrounded by people who love me and smothered in materialistic loveliness. However, what I am thankful for today is that I have spent it with people who allow me to eat my turkey in bed and open my gifts as the afternoon begins. Not the same as anyone else’s, but enough for me. Christmas isn’t a script we all have to adhere or aspire to.

Christmas is the day we make it.

It is easy to get caught up in the expectations we have for ourselves. When all they should be is to be happy and healthy, no matter what that means.


Merry Christmas Everyone.

Today Tomorrow Forever


“We need never be ashamed of our tears.” -Charles Dickens


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