[dropcap]Perfection[/dropcap] doesn’t exist in this world.

Flaws, quirks, bad habits … we all have them.. mistakes …we all make them. With all of this being a part of life parents teach children forgiveness and attempt to nurture their child(ren) to extend compassion instead of revenge. It is distinctly easier said than done to forgive especially in the case of some mistakes, as we all know everything has a scale and mistakes are true to this also.

Forgiveness is a process and isn’t an immediate response as pain requires acknowledgement before understanding can come into play. However, we do have the capability to forgive anyone if you allow yourself to accept and move on from the pain of the past. I personally have been forgiven by people more times than most for things of varying magnitudes. I have also forgiven many for their actions. I have also still got people who I need to forgive as I cling to the pain, disappointment and sadness that I am not ready to forgive one for making me feel. But I know someday soon I will forgive.

As I have learnt that not forgiving someone can be the reason for your own failings, as you corrupt your present with so much of the pasts pain. If one is to play tug of war with forgiveness forever, you will one day, in sickening pain let go and come to the realisation that you prolonged the pain beyond what it was deserving of. As forgiveness doesn’t have to mean friendship or to forget it never has to run parallel with foolishness if that is what you wish.

You can forgive everyone for causing you pain yet be brave enough and strong enough to move on without them and allow yourself to learn. As with judgement, the forgiveness you honour those around you is a reflection of yourself let it be guided by lessons instead of the naivety of forgetting.

[pullquote]Perfection doesn’t exist in this world. but it doesn’t have to.[/pullquote]

To live a happy life you must realise that forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and kindness are required. To be all those requires a vast amount of strength. I do not have that strength yet although I continue to aspire to be that person and at my young age, I do not doubt my ability to reach it.

As I continue my journey letting go of animosity, passivity, impatience and bitterness I ask for others to join me.

And for the most part, I know I will be capable of the challenge. Though I also know that my biggest challenge in life exists within this large task.

The not so simple pursuit to forgive myself, be tolerant of myself, be compassionate with myself and mostly allowing myself to be kind to myself.

So as I ask and suggest others join me on this journey I also highlight to you all that no matter how hard forgiving others has been in your life it will certainly be easier than truly forgiving yourself. I also know however that this is a journey I must travel as you cannot truly reach happiness without accepting your own imperfections as well as everybody else.

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