Equality vs Equity

[dropcap]Equity[/dropcap] is a word that I can’t say I have ever understood or attempted to understand as I have connected it to banking and other areas as jargon. Until I saw the image below and realised it had, even more, meaning and value than I had realised.


It has since become something I am very aware of and have made others aware of as it contributes to a lot of society and creating processes or policy within society that are truly effective. What is fair I now realise isn’t always equal.

As with a lot of my other posts I understood this before just not to such level and not with the same amount of thought as now. There is an abundance of references to equity within education as I explored the subject and it was fascinating, to say the least, and very very true.

In life, we are not all the same, the beauty of all of us is our differences however it is also our flaw. As we generalise and perceive abilities, opportunities and talent to be the same too.


What I am attempting to do with this blog post is a few things…

  1. Make those who weren’t aware as I hadn’t been the true difference between equality and equity and the value of understanding that.
  2. Initiate conversations between those who read the post and there family/friends/colleagues.
  3. And lastly, share my opinion on the whole concept.

I, therefore, will conclude by sharing what equity means to me. I have realised that in life many people apologise for being themselves as they feel it isn’t adequate as it requires more of others. A disabled person who is unfortunate enough to require a wheelchair shouldn’t have to apologise for needing a ramp. And we shouldn’t complain. As an individual, it is important to recognise everyone can travel up a ramp, yet not everyone can access the stairs. We need to stop apologising for ourselves and accept that all of our differences deserve to be recognised and catered for. Actions which do that, make you truly human.

I have become truly fascinated by this even though I know it is such a simple concept and hope that I open others eyes with this post. However, if I do not I apologise for my ramblings on a subject that has very little similarity to any of my others.

I shall conclude by providing you with a quote of course…



Today Tomorrow Forever



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