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Now, as I said in my last published post in this, My Blogging Series on Blogging, it is ironic that the two posts I happen to have not posted on time and have posted out of schedule are the two posts focussed on just that. Routine, consistency, and managing blogging challenges.

(I do not regret posting late, I shall add, my blog will only be a success if I am in the right mindset to write and post. And I wasn’t so I didn’t, and that’s okay. Taking a break, having time away from your blog is human, and healthy – it will be there when you return.)

Back to the irony, this blog post looks at the importance of consistency in creating a successful blog. Something I am yet to master the art of, but in my defence, it seems to be my Mental Health that interrupts my consistency, and for that I forgive myself. (Click here for my Mental Health Blog Posts)

One last thing before I begin, if you want to check out the other posts in this series first, click here, or keep scrolling to find out why consistency is key


So you may be wondering why is consistency so important for the success of a blog? What exactly a consistent blogger and blog is? And, Why does it make such a big difference?

What is a ‘consistent’, Blog/Blogger?

It has been a while, and if you are subscribed to my blog, or have read my posts before, you will know I love a definition, and below is the definition for ‘consistent’.

What this means in terms of blogging is a blog that is done the same way over time. I obviously do not mean to do the same thing on your blog over and over again, posting the same makeup review would be foolish.

What it means is keeping to the same style and niche. Be predictable! Subscribers subscribe because they enjoy and find your content useful, you do not need to change it. The most successful blogs do what they do well, and consistently.

Another aspect of predictability and consistency as a blogger is when you post and what time you post. When I had just started blogging it seemed crazy to me that posting at 11 am GMT instead of 9 am GMT would impact your blog and the views it gets/got. But it does.

How to become/be a Consistent Blogger…

I have just touched on how to become such a blogger in explaining what one is, but below provides the three most important things to do if you want to be consistent. However, ultimately it takes time, doing these things amongst others from the beginning will certainly make the process quicker, but it will not make it instantaneous.

– Have a posting Schedule.

As I said, though you may not believe it posting at the same time of day, on the same days of the week will increase your views. Humans are creatures of habit and we like things to be on time, and to a schedule.

Decide when you will post and then do the hard part and stick to it…

Click here for an article on CoSchedule that shares data that may help you decide when the best time and best day for posting are for you. Research is everything with blogging.

– Post with the same style within the same niche.

If your a new blogger this may take you some time to find, but as I said, people subscribe because your content benefits them, interests them or entertains them. If you regularly change your niche and blogs focus, people are less likely to stay subscribed. Similarly, keeping the way you construct and craft your blog posts in the main part falls here too.

If you consistently write with the same style, in the same person it appeals to us humans. We like routine, and as I said, predictability.

– Be organised and work ahead.

This is very much a how here, you may not need me to tell you how to stick to your niche, or how you should have a posting schedule. But what you might want to know is how you possibly keep organised and do all of these things. An unorganised blogger is unlikely to be a consistent one.

Many things overlap within Blogging, and if you have been reading the entirety of this series as I post you will know that, and I am about to share how I stay organised, and it touches on my next upload, of Must Have Blogging Apps.

Have a Calander, no matter what form this is, from a diary to a printable editorial calendar, to an online calendar. If you want to maintain a schedule you will need to work ahead and work to dates and deadlines.

I personally use Trello, which allows me to have a board with lists on, I have un-dated ideas, dated ideas, scheduled/posted, and under each list I have cards, one for each blog post. By adding due dates to each card, and activating the Calendar power up I can then see all these posts on an editorial calendar and I can move each card around an unlimited amount of times.

Below shows you my blog posts board in editorial calendar form.

Screenshot 2019-03-06 at 00.11.55.png

(Trello is completely free, and though you can subscribe to have premium features it allows you one power up on a free account per board, therefore you can use it for an editorial calendar just like me in the free version! If you would like an additional blog post with more details on reviewing the website, comment and let me know too. – NOT AN AD.)

Back to the organisation, it goes hand in hand with having a calendar- work ahead. I am working an uphill battle right now as I have no blog posts written so similarly none scheduled, ideally I would like to be 2 weeks ahead on content. This reduces stress and ensures posts can go up in line with posting schedules, and you can share with your readers what is coming soon on social media without mounting pressure on yourself to create content.

Why it all really matters…

– Views and readers…

This is the obvious one I have made clear throughout, without consistency your blogs views and readership will suffer. From being irregular, to simply less as you are unpredictable.

– SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

The algorithm means that a blog that posts regularly and gains regular backlinks from new content is ranked higher. SEO benefits from many things and this is one of them, yes not necessarily determined in this case by time and day, but it doesn’t hurt your SEO to be precise.

– Building habits…

This is not beneficial to your blog, but you. And, it is something that I think makes consistency worthwhile. If you build writing, posting, scheduling and being two weeks ahead into your lifestyle, it will become second nature.

If you repeat such actions regularly enough they will become habitual, it is scientifically proven and this certainly makes your life easier as you do not seek motivation to write but instead it feels natural and distinctly more innate.

Build blogging into your day to day life and hard work becomes routine.


To bring this post to a close I will shorten what I have just said in around 1000 words, and to do so I take you back to the very start of this blog post, and I repeat, consistency is key. And, you now know why.

That said, life, and you come first, if your blog and blogging, or anything in life even, doesn’t make you happy, stop doing it. Stop doing it until it makes you happy, no matter how long that takes. Unless it’s the eating 5-a-day or doing exercise, they don’t count. If it hinders your health, it is not worth it my love.

How do you stay consistent on your blog?

And, how far ahead do you try to be with posts?

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  1. 07/03/2019 / 16:39

    I completely agree that consistency is key!! If I see a blog post from someone every week and then once a month and then on the rare occasion I often unfollow the blog because I get fed up of never hearing from the blogger, I know that sounds bad, but it doesn’t make me want to stick around! Loved this post Ella!!! xx

    • 08/03/2019 / 00:34

      Exactly, if someone only posts once in a blue moon it is easy for you to assume that a blogger or a blog is no longer active, in which case why would you follow?

      It seems harsh like you say, but it is the reality, and I enjoy blogs especially personal ones because `I become invested, without consistency, I do not create such a bond and do not have the same desire to keep up to date with new content.

      Thank you for reading, and commenting. Glad you Liked.
      Lots of Love Girl XOXO

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