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The Timekeeper :Book Review

The Timekeeper¬†– Mitch Albom I read this book in April and it features in short on my Monthly Mental Health memo and if you have followed my blog for a while you with recognise the author, as one I truly love, to read more of my thoughts on Mitch Albom click here. My Birthday falls […]

Something Changed: Book review

A Book Review of Matthew Williams book Something Changed, stumbling through divorce, dating and depression. If you follow me on social media you will have known this post was an upcoming one as I have posted one too many photos of the wonderful book, bragging about how much I was enjoying it. Matthew got in […]

Recent favourite books

This year I have read more books than I read in the entirety of last year and we haven’t even reached 2 months in yet. I have amazed myself. However, I have delved into a new book genre and tone of reading, which has proved to be a well-made choice as I have fallen back […]

The POWER of Social Media

Most people by now have probably seen an article at some point linking the usage of social media and individuals mental health. And yes, it is true, social media can exaggerate or promote the manifestation of depressive feelings, even within individuals living there lives with very little evident hindrances from their mental health. As social […]