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An Unedited Update on ME!

Thursday 26th April 2018 – 01:15 am  Prepare yourselves for an emotional blog entry. So… I haven’t written, with my heart on the line, my mind on the screen and my fingers tapping away without restraint for a while. Now seems a good time to catch up with you all. To catch me up. Deep […]

My thoughts on Suicide.

*Trigger Warning: frank discussion about suicide.* Suicide is defined as the act where one intentionally takes their life. To be suicidal is a disastrous and destructive place to be, as you are in a place that nobody deserves to ever exist within, as your life no longer feels like one you deserve to live. The […]

A ten minute drive…

Check out Monday’s post if you haven’t already if you wish to know why asking the question I explore in this blog, was a foolish move… (link here) Driving, against the wind, towards what feels like an endless storm of snow, never to stop, coming towards me. Sat in the passenger seat of the car […]