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  Hi, I am still here, and I am back, writing about my life. And this post is about Liberation; the action of setting myself free, freedom from limits. I have had moments in my life throughout childhood and as I grew, of optimum happiness, moments where everything else stops and time seems to slow […]


Recovery, someone who is pain, seeks and dreams of the day, they are recovered, or the day recovery seems near. The definition of recovery is below, and it refers to an end. It is suggested that recovery, leads to being recovered. The thing is, that may be the case for a huge amount of physical […]

The Scary Part.

What is ‘The Scary Part’? Mental Illness is hard and painful, and scary. It is heartbreaking watching yourself transform into a person you don’t want to be or a person who you know you are not. No matter if it is anxiety, depression or any other mental illness, it leaves you feeling lost in your […]