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Perfection doesn’t exist in this world. Flaws, quirks, bad habits … we all have them.. mistakes …we all make them. With all of this being a part of life parents teach children forgiveness and attempt to nurture their child(ren) to extend compassion instead of revenge. It is distinctly easier said than done to forgive especially […]


Firstly I want to begin this blog post with a confession that despite the wisdom I reflect and the knowledge I present as being in my possession I am as human as the rest of the world. I judge people, I dislike people and most importantly I don’t always make the right decisions in life. Especially […]

My Quotes to live by.

As readers may have noticed or even those who have simply scanned my blogs will know that quotes feature from start to finish whether I attempt to become a poet or I share others words of wisdom. Therefore a blog post dedicated to such delight is most certainly necessary as my blog posts grow into […]

Patience is a virtue.

Patience is a virtue. Well? Three hours and counting… Living with anxiety I have wished days and hours away and have missed opportunities and felt absent from myself at others. As I attempt to battle the anxiety by running from the shower to the comfort of my bed. And getting dressed quickly so it’s quite […]