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Important: Love Yourself

MUST READ: MUST BELIEVE: YOU ARE WORTH IT, YOU ARE ENOUGH, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.  Today’s post is inspired by National Napping Day aka Today. Self-love is an important part of recovery from most mental health issues as you must teach yourself that you deserve to recover, and in the saddest cases, that you deserve to […]

International Women’s Day

Firstly, I have posted today instead of tomorrow as tomorrow I am going to attempt to unplug myself from the world. I posted about this yesterday and if you haven’t read it yet – please do and get involved. (link here) Coincidently this fell as the perfect Thursday to post as today is International Women’s […]

Equality vs Equity

Equity is a word that I can’t say I have ever understood or attempted to understand as I have connected it to banking and other areas as jargon. Until I saw the image below and realised it had, even more, meaning and value than I had realised. It has since become something I am very […]

The pursuit of equality

I have recently watched The pursuit of happyness can you tell? I have wanted to post a blog based on feminism for a long time (please keep reading) to realign the false views so many people hold. Including people I surround myself with, it is too commonly misinterpreted. As actions of radical feminists have become […]

A change in society

Celebrity Big Brother drew to a close last week as Courtney act also known as Shane Jenek took the crown. Big Brother 2018 unravelled slightly differently to past series’ as the initial cast was only women in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of women receiving the right to vote. The series was filled with many […]