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A Reminder.

I have a lot of friends who similarly suffer as I do with mental illness, and over the past two weeks, I think a lot of us have found ourselves losing sight and forgetting invaluable messages that make each day pass by a little easier. So I am writing this post for all my friends […]

18 years = 18 lessons

I turned 18 yesterday, it was bittersweet. Not because I am now an ‘adult’ or any of those fears. Growing up doesn’t scare me, though a lot of things do that has never been on my list. It was bittersweet because I felt like I should be happier, celebrating, as excited as everyone around me, […]

Spring has Sprung

If you are reading this post the date of publication, yesterday, March 20th marked the beginning of Spring for us here in the Northern Hemisphere. (The technical explanation for this being to do with the celestial equator if you are questioning the reasoning for such strange date for Spring to begin.) Spring brings the start […]

Who Am I?

Before I could walk everyone around me probably watched and as I delicately landed on the floor claimed I would be a dancer. Then when I began to crawl and climb dancer turned into ‘ she’ll be a climber in her lifetime.’. Then when I could walk and started to draw I was a future […]