Body Positivity!

Body Positivity!

Let’s get body positive. and talk body positivity.

I shot all the pictures for this post 2 weeks ago when the sun came to say Hi, as it felt like the perfect day to get some happy pictures. I have wanted to do a body positivity blog post for some time now, but I knew I wanted photo’s, 2 weeks ago this problem was solved. Since then I just haven’t written it. I have been stuck.


Because of society. Because of stigma.

I am slim, and I have the body and physique that receives the comments, ‘I wish I was your size.’, ‘I was never that lucky.’, ‘You don’t need to go to the gym.’ And I was scared that I was going to be poorly received, challenged and/or dismissed because of all of these things. I figured out that was my barrier, that was my restraint and my lack of inspiration.

But when I realised this, I was INSPIRED.

What is Body Positivity?

Body Positivity is exactly what it says on the tin, being positive towards our bodies. Society is consumed with stereotypes and expectations as high as stilettos, impossible to wear forever. Body positivity is about breaking down these expectations and moulds and teaching our selves to love our bodies. And everyone else’s body.

It is learning that each part of us is photo ready, picture perfect, beach-ready, summer-ready, beautiful, enough, pretty, loveable… I could go on…

Loving ourselves in modern society is a battle and the body positivity movement was formed to combat the increased amount of judgement, and as I said earlier expectations surrounding body image in society.

The movement takes on different meanings by different individuals, mine is above in its simplest form. But body positivity can be described in so many other ways. Learning that you are as valuable as each person you stand beside. Self-care and Self-love. That all you are on the inside is never invalidated by how you perceive your outside.

Society has come a long way and has jumped leaps and bounds forward in tackling this issue, and I am hoping my post is another step in the right direction.

Below are a few videos that say more …



If you have just watched the second video, another thing is touched on, which is the responsibility, power and strength of our bodies. We have one life and one body, all we face, overcome and do is encompassed and the result of our wonderful bodies. All bodies are beautiful, sensual and passionate organs. But all bodies are also strong, practical and stubborn. As we face illness, sun, injuries and more with our one body, yet it survives, it rebuilds and it prepares for tomorrow. This makes them all the more beautiful!

Why I am still talking about body positivity.

Too many people exist in this world believing they are less than because of the media representation of beauty and diversity. Beauty is not exclusive, beauty is inclusive. Regardless of your skin colour, clothing size, sexuality, height, birthmarks, origin.

Beauty is Beauty. Being human makes you beautiful.

Me & My Body

I love myself, I love my body including my moles on my face, my spots on my skin from endless picking due to anxiety, my wide feet with bunions protruding from the sides. My all. And I have always liked my body, but recently I refuse to be anything but in love with it.



My mind is suffering, and my mental health isn’t at its best, yet every day my body survives and thrives. This is why I am beautiful. Some people are probably looking at these photos, thinking all the things I said earlier, about my physique, but we all have flaws and imperfections. Stop comparing your faults to mine, or to your next-door neighbours, or that girl at work who always seems organised, or that mum who always has her hair the way you wished yours looked. Stop. And start loving your imperfections, because they are beautiful.

They have been a part of you forever and have been there through all you have overcome. that is beautiful.



Comment your experiences with your body and your relationship with it!…

For now, here is a quote,

‘ A flower does not compete with the other flowers, it simply blooms, be that flower. ‘

Today Tomorrow Forever




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  1. 06/07/2018 / 20:48

    I love this post. Well done for being so open and honest. You’re right, your body is resilient and deserves to be celebrated and loved.

    • 11/07/2018 / 12:20

      Thank You my love, exactly we are strong and we should celebrate it not judge ourselves. – Ella

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