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Back again, with another post to add to My Blog series on Blogging and an on-time post, I shall add. If you haven’t been following this series, feel free to click here to view all the posts within the series in a separate window to check out afterwards…

In the meantime, back to this post, a Must-Have in the series I think, my Must-Have Blogging Apps. I have said more times than I can remember in this series how blogging is hard work, and it is because there is so much to it, from photography to writing. However, in the modern world, with smartphones and tablets at our disposable, there are lots of Apps to make all of these things easier, and quicker.

With all that said I have composed a list of my Must-Haves below, grouped together for how they benefit you, and what area of blogging they aid.

*** Please Note: I have an iPhone, so use the App Store and do not know if or how effective the Apps below work on a Samsung or Google device. ***


Social Media.

An obvious one I know, but below are the social media platforms I am on, and I use, no matter how little and why/how I use them.

– Instagram

I feel like I am stating the obvious here, but, I also feel not saying why I use these platforms is missing something out?

Instagram for me is one of the platforms I use daily to gain blog traffic, and as my fashion and beauty focused audience. Using it to post, share and focus on my style and aesthetic.

– Twitter

Twitter is another platform I use daily, similar to Instagram, however, unlike Instagram, I focus this account mainly on Mental Health. I share my blog posts and blog for traffic and views but it is my main outlet for my Mental Health Recovery too.

– Facebook

Now, I considered very much if I should include Facebook on this list, as quite frankly I do use it daily, but to look at dog videos, and my families goings on. But, that said, I have included it, because a current goal of mine is to start making use of the Blogger Facebook groups I am in to gain traffic. So, I do not currently use this via a page, as I struggle to juggle too many social media profiles. But, I have every intention to make use of the groups!

– Pinterest

I use Pinterest when I am feeling sentimental and when I am contemplating the meaning of life or analysing my complex feelings of the recovery process because I am a sucker for quotes.. and I will discuss my primary use for this below. However, I have included it here, as similarly to Facebook, I have every intention to take my own advice in My Blog Post Checklist post, and start pinning to group boards.

– LinkedIn

Finally, the platform I use the least, yet, certainly worth the mention. I use LinkedIn to browse freelance writing opportunities and I am in some blogger groups. It is a great account to have to share your professional capabilities, especially if you are freelance or want to be.

Scheduling / Organisation.

The most valued category for me, as I use the Apps below daily and they are the group of Apps that definitely have the biggest impact on my time-saving.

– Trello

Now, this is my HOLY GRAIL APP. I love planners and printable editorial calendars as much as the next person, but Trello is what keeps me on schedule, or at least aware of my schedule. It is a great visual App too. Easily viewable on Desktop, and in the App. I mentioned how I use it as a planner in my last post, click here to read. However, that is not all I use it for…

I use Trello to store my blog post ideas, and plan, and schedule them as I have said above, but I also use it as a way to store my To Do Lists (Daily & Weekly – Blogging related and unrelated) and to keep important details organised / Things to remember.

For example, I have a board with important details on to allow me to easily copy and paste Instagram hashtags, twitter hashtags, standardised messages ready to personalise for brands to save time. Amongst other things…

– Hootsuite

I said above about time-saving, and this App is exactly that in an App. Hootsuite allows you to schedule up to 30 posts over up to three social media platforms for FREE. Now, Instagram posts cannot be automatically posted but a reminder is sent and it takes two clicks. And as for Twitter, you can write 30 tweets for the week ahead and the app will do all the work for you.

This is ideal for someone who has an hour on a Sunday but is busy all week working. Social Media generates more views from Consistency and Hootsuite allows you to be consistent all week without taking 2 minutes every few hours to tweet.

– Tailwind *

Now, this I shouldn’t include, because it is an App I have never used, and I do not like to endorse things I haven’t personally tried and tested, however, reliable sources have informed me of there success using Tailwind.

Tailwind is an App linked to Pinterest and it pins at optimum times throughout the day to maximise your engagement, its success in generating blog views shared by many online. That said, unlike everything else on this post, it has a cost, which I currently cannot justify. But, if you can, I would trial Tailwind without a doubt, I will be when I can afford to.


Photography / Editing.

This is a close second to the Apps listed above, as they similarly are a holy grail for me allowing me to create professional content and fast.


I am a complete beginner when it comes to photography and I have no idea what the technical jargon means, and I wouldn’t know where to start with it. And, yes VSCO has all this mumbo jumbo, but, I stand by it to edit all my images. It is easy to use, and simply using your eye you can decipher the impact each slider has, from saturation to exposure.

VSCO also has a handy recipe feature, and you can have one for FREE, so I have created a recipe that I use almost always on all of my Instagram photos to create the theme and aesthetic that I want.

– Canva

Canva is a tool commonly talked about by Bloggers and it is an easy to use design tool, a very simple photoshop. You can create professional simple designs and download them for FREE.

(The Pinnable image I have at the bottom of this post I created using Canva, along with my Logo and Social Media Headers.)

– Facetune

Now, this may be controversial, and as someone who promotes self-love I do not believe anyone needs or should use Facetune to change or alter there appearance. HOWEVER… When I create makeup looks, as someone who uses an iPhone to shoot images, Facetune allows me to brighten my eye makeup and highlight, giving the image back the reality of its brightness and aesthetic.

– Pexels

Pexels is another great App that I only found a few months into blogging, as a newbie I was always puzzled as to how everyone took immaculate flat lay images of Macs in pristine condition with optimal lighting. I then came across the concept of stock photographs. Pexels is a website and App that has a wide range of FREE downloadable images of a professional standard for use on blogs and websites.

(All of the images despite the pinnable image at the bottom of this post are stock photos.)

Inspiration / Creativity.

If you read my other post within this series on Overcoming Blogging Challenges, I listed creative block and writer’s block, these Apps keep me inspired and keep the ideas or even get the ideas flowing.

– Pinterest

I said above I would explain exactly why I used Pinterest and this is it, for inspiration and creativity. I do not make the most of the platform as a way to advertise my own content but I do as a form of inspiration. I trawl through blogging tips, DIY’s, makeup looks, fashion looks… and quotes!

Without Pinterest, I would run out of ideas fast I think.

– Spotify

Spotify, music keeps my creativity flowing, and I don’t know about you, but not mentioning it would be not doing it justice as a stimulus.

– 21 Buttons

21 Buttons is my biggest form of fashion inspiration as influencers, and everyone else shares there outfits and tags them conveniently. It was an App created so you could quickly buy pieces you liked in images of people. I use it more so to simply explore different styles and outfits.

– Blog Lovin

Finally, Blog Lovin’. An App I have refound lately that I sadly forgot about for far too long. I use Blog Lovin as and when to explore and read my favourite Bloggers content and to find new bloggers to follow and read. It is a great App to allow you to keep up to date with blogs and to consistently find new blogs you will enjoy. Which obviously keeps one inspired of course.


Finally, I would like to say that my entire life doesn’t revolve around blogging, however, I would be lying, with photos, optimal posting times and blog post ideas being the majority of what I have buzzing around my head. And, I wouldn’t have or want it any other way!

All the Apps I have mentioned above I use, and this is NOT AN AD or a paid partnership with any of these Apps. I simply love them for one or many reasons and thought you might too. I would love for you to comment and share your experiences with any of the Apps above, or any I do not know about and haven’t mentioned too obviously!

What are your favourite apps to use for blogging?

And, is your life as centred around blogging as mine, and my phone?

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