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It has been a hot minute since my last in any way beauty related post, and that makes me extremely sad considering how much I love beauty and makeup. A while back I wrote a post called, Make-up and Me, I talked about how it improved my anxiety and helped me to face the day with a steadier hand. Since then my love for makeup, my skills at doing makeup and my relationship with makeup has only grown.

In this post, I thought I would do something a little different, and instead of talking about my go to and must-have makeup products. I will instead talk about my must-have accessories… from makeup brushes to false eyelashes.

Because, after all, don’t they say that a builder is only as good as his tools. And makeup is building a masterpiece?

So, let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start… (If you’re singing The Sound of Music right now, I am too.)

When you read you begin with…ABC. Okay, I will stop now.

When I say accessories, I am referring to everything in your makeup bag, that isn’t a makeup product as such, for example, brushes and eyelash curlers. Now, I think that even the best products can be underappreciated and even ruined without the right tools to applicate. This is exactly what inspired me to write this post because the excessive makeup collection I have is useless without so many of must-have makeup accessories.

So, without further ado, I shall share with you exactly what these must-haves are.

Makeup Brushes.

Now, this is a huge category. Brushes and the right brushes are essential, but what are the ‘right’ brushes?

– Eyebrow Brush.

Without fail, there is always one brush I will always use when doing my makeup, and it is my brow brush. I use an eyeliner brush from New Look, and always have, it is compact, thin and slanted, and without my eyebrows just aren’t the same.

– Powder Brush.

I am not a big fan of brushes to apply my foundation and so for me, a foundation buffing brush is not a must-have, of course, I do have one. But, I do not use them religiously, but a large fluffy powder brush is something I do use every time I do my makeup. From dusting baking powder on a heavy glam look, to simply dusting powder on a glowy day to day look to take away the shine. A powder brush is also very multi-functional as you can also use it for bronzer, blush and even highlight if done right.

– Eyeshadow Blending Brush.

Anyone who doesn’t have a blending brush within there collection, should. On a simple makeup look I will use a blending brush to dust a neutral brown or pink all over the lid, and on a detailed complex eye look, a blending brush is a must have to ensure a clean and effortless as the brush says blend.

I could go on all day about makeup brushes, but the three I have mentioned above cover my necessities. I also use a  brush for my contour, blush, bronzer, and about 5 other eyeshadow brushes… (If you would be interested in a post exploring my favourite makeup brush brands… comment below.)

Beauty Blenders.

As I said above, though I have, I do not use foundation brushes often, but instead a beauty blender. The beauty blender has become a popular choice over the past few years and is a specialised sponge that you use to apply your makeup, wetting it before use. The finish tends to be an airbrushed effect and a more natural dewy finish in comparison to the higher coverage effects of a brush application.

(I personally use the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge, or, the Superdrug, B. Blending sponge.)


Setting Spray.

I don’t know if a Setting spray is regarded as an accessory to makeup or as a product, so I went ahead and mentioned it anyway. Setting spray has more than one use, to your surprise possibly. Both having the obvious effect of prolonging your makeup and retaining its flawless finish for hours on end. Also enhancing your highlighter when used to dampen your brush before applying the highlighter.

Eyelash Curlers.

Another must-have in your makeup bag is a tool that I used to regard as useless. Eyelash curlers were a pass me down from my Mum, she must have had the same initial belief as me. However, good eyelash curlers have a huge impact on your eyes, opening them up and almost doing the work of a few coats of mascara before you even put mascara on.

False Eyelashes.

Last but certainly not least, false eyelashes. This brings me to my new holy grail false eyelash website,, as they kindly gifted me some lashes, glue, and there own brand tool to apply the lashes. The website offers FREE UK delivery, MUA discount, Student Discount and the website also has a loyalty lash points scheme. (Click here for details of the scheme.) False eyelashes though certainly in my case difficult, they completely change and lift a glam look.

– False Eyelashes Applicator.

As I mentioned above, my experience with lashes is not the smoothest of processes, battling regularly with tweezers and fingers covered in glue. However, I have kindly been gifted the brands own applicator, which has made my life, not quite easy, but most definitely easier. This is something I now couldn’t imagine being without in my makeup bag.

– Eyelash Glue.

Eyelash glue is obviously a necessity paired with lashes, and though some come with, some do not. Also in my experience some of the cheaper eyelashes, such as Primark’s, that does come with glue, the glue can be less effective. Ardell, for example, supplies a small sachet like glue, yet Red Cherry do not. However… you can, of course, use any glue with any lashes, and the Revlon white precision glue is my current affordable and extremely adhesive choice, at just £4.99.

– False Eyelashes themselves.

My go-to lashes are a wispy and natural-looking pair of lashes, as I like them to look like my own. My favourite brand of false lashes being Ardell, Primark and a new favourite Red Cherry. The Ardell demi wispies offer a very natural look and in my opinion, are shorter in length in comparison to the Red Cherry lashes, which offer a more natural glam look with the greater length. Below you can see both the Red Cherry and Ardell lashes in action, both available on False Eyelashes.

Top Images-  Ardell Demi Wispies. // Bottom Image- Red Cherry Stevi.


This brings me to the end of my post, from brushes to false eyelashes. I will say one more time, Thank You to I love the products I was sent and I endorse the website not by obligation but instead my opinion, as not only the products but also the websites postage, returns and additional scheme services make it a perfect option when buying lashes. Their site offers a huge range, beyond what I sampled also, including Eyelure, Doll Beauty and Peaches & Cream.

Have a lovely day, and comment and share what you would like to see coming soon on the blog too of course.

What are your favourite false eyelashes?

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    Ahh I love this Ella!! I also LOVE my beauty blender and never use a brush, haha! You look absolutely stunning girl!! Your eyelashes are looking GORGEOUS ; ) !! xx

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