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Hello Lovelies, Ella here back again from another hiatus it seems. Unplanned I shall add and one I wanted to bring to an end a while ago, however, it appears my writing shoes were nowhere to be seen.

Now, I will be explicit here as to why this hiatus seemed to arise and why it has been such a long time since you have heard from me.

I became preoccupied at first with my new YouTube channel and then what came was writer’s block. And, yes I tried everything I suggested to you guys a few weeks ago in My Blogging Challenges post, to no avail. Then life happened and felt no desire or obligation to speed up my process of exiting the large Rut I found myself in.

Which brings us to now. I did nothing for a while and then today on this fine morning I had every desire to write, so I did.

Patience is a virtue they say? 


My desire to write then posed me with the question of what, and that my loves, is where I decided I would stop thinking and start typing.

The truth is I could write an immaculately constructed SEO optimised and click bate blog post filled with multitudes of frequently searched information. I could ensure every paragraph was the ideal length and that I used a keyword that is in the top 10 right now for Google. But, that wouldn’t leave space for me to write, or create. I would be ticking boxes and fulfilling an algorithm, ‘saying what people want to hear.’

I write because I love to write, I am passionate about words and the way that perspective and construction changes them and makes them magic.

I write because I want to inspire myself and others that even the most simple things are beautiful.

I write because it allows me to turn the darkest parts of my mind off and make the other parts of me burn so much brighter.

I may come and go to this blog like an unloving, non-committal and poorly organised partner. Yet I can assure you that firstly my relationship with blogging and writing is far more complex than that fundamentally. Alongside the fact that I know when I am ready my consistency with writing will come.

Blogging, YouTube, Social Media influencing and all that is what makes me happy, and making others feel a little less alone, a little more whole and a lot more hopeful is what I want to spend my life doing. My inability to be consistent and my over regular breaks and vacations from Today Tomorrow Forever Ella, every single one of them infuriates me. Then I come back and I am better than I was before, with more ideas and seemingly more capable.

Timing is key? 

Trust the timing of your life?

Timing is everything?

In my hiatus, I have become slightly obsessed and fascinated by the concept of cliches. The software highlights cliches for you before you press the all-important publish button so you can avoid writing the same thing as every other man and his dog.

(Is that a cliche in itself?)


Despite that, I read the suggestion and search my mind for a better way to say that ‘actions speak louder than words’ and that ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover’, and I am left with nothing. These overused and abused phrases proudly taking their place in the top 5 list of common cliches, because quite frankly they are perfectly constructed and here I go again, hit the nail on the head.

Google emphasises the level of unoriginality attached to the use of cliches, this deters me from them and makes me feel the need to justify not choosing a different collection of nouns, adverbs and adjectives. Although I shouldn’t feel compelled to prove my originality and my capabilities as a writer by emitting all cliches from my text.

And, yes, I know even the best writers don’t emit all signs of cliches, but what I’m saying is I find them beautiful, honest and evidential in many cases in relation to some of the most valued lessons in life.

For example, someone who thinks it will never get better being told that a cliche from the 1930s, time heals all wounds, is more useful than my wisdom of time in the present day.


Around 2 months I have been gone, 2 months of thought about cliches and now I am scrambling for a way to make the fact I value you them and see them as detrimental sound more complex than it is. The reality, however, is just that, a world without cliches would be a world that has never learnt from the past.

A world without cliches would be a world that pretended that words do not heal even the most broken of hearts.

Cliches are the widely acknowledge truthful and beautiful phrases to have come from writers, and I have every intention to admire and overuse them. Maybe along the way, I’ll even create one of my own…

And here I am, at 850 words ready to conclude somewhat trying to figure out how I describe, title and in any way categorise such a random post.

So instead, I will leave you with my advice as a writer…

If you have writer’s block, just write.

Until Tomorrow,

Today Tomorrow Forever,






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