Always, Today Tomorrow Forver Ella.

“I need to start writing again.”

Ella Peacock

Recently all I have heard myself say is how much I need to get back to hitting the keys on my laptop and writing. However, each time I stare at the screen and begin to type, I stop. Only getting as far as a sentence or a quote. I read my work and I miss the feeling of home; as I type and the world slows down. As I type and my mind suddenly unravels, and my problems fade into solutions.

I love writing but recently it has seemed impossible.

I refuse to give in though, I refuse to ever leave words behind and to ever let go of my favourite kind of self-help. The musings of my mind may not always be comprehendable but when I write even the most complex of ponderings seem to simplify. Just like magic. 

I call myself a ‘Blogger’, though I am not a big fan of labels, I am so proud to call myself a blogger, to own my website, and my writing. And to label myself as part of a wonderful community where I have found a home, and where I have found hope. 

Throughout my childhood I never knew the answer to what I wanted to be when I grew up, I knew I wanted to go to University and that was as far as my mind saw. The truth is I was on the wrong path, University was not where I was going. I never knew what I wanted to be, but what I was going to become knew me. 

Words and writing found me when I needed them. All my life I had sat in my English lessons ticking the boxes, fulfilling the criteria and completing the objectives; never realising it was soon going to where I found my home. 

I think a high proportion of bloggers dream of a life where they can write about what they love, on a website that they love and get paid for it. I think that a lot of bloggers dream of making it big and being able to live off of the words they type. I definitely do. 

I love writing but recently it has seemed impossible.

I refuse to give in though, blogging may be a dream, but I believe that all dreams that can be dreamt can become reality. Right now, maybe I cannot become a full-time blogger and earn hundreds from my small collection of readers of whom I call my home. But, that doesn’t mean that I will not be able to make my dream come true tomorrow. 

Today, Tomorrow, Forever.

Today a dream.

Tomorrow a reality. 

Forever Ella. 


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